5 Types of Empaths

Empaths are highly advanced souls and there are more empaths on earth right now than ever before. In fact, Caroline Myss, a medical medium, refers to empaths as “the new normal.”


These are souls to here as an awakener of others through non-conventional ways and are:

  • emotionally gifted,
  • psychically attuned,
  • tuned in to the spirit realm,
  • highly creative,
  • visionaries, healers

All empaths are extremely sensitive people, but not all empaths are alike, there are many types each with their own abilities.

Below are the characteristics of the (5)-types of empaths: 

1. Physical empath – a person who is attuned to other people’s physical symptoms and tend to absorb them into their own bodies. Not only can physical empaths feel symptoms, they may also be able to see where someone is experiencing a symptom.

TLC for the physical empath

Breathe symptoms out of the body as soon as you notice them. This recirculates the energy out of the body.


2. Emotional empath – a person who picks up on and often takes on the emotions/moods of others including that of the collective consciousness. When you are sensitive to other people’s energy, it is difficult to know if what you are feeling belongs to you, or someone else. It is not unusual to have anxiety, and/or often feel sad or depressed.

TLC for the emotional empath

If you find yourself picking up on the emotions of others, or even that of the spirit realm, channel the energy out of your body and back to the source by asking, “Who am I feeling? Return to sender in consciousness and love.”

This does not harm the source; it just gets the energy out of your body. If you are still feeling the emotion after your intention to send it back, the emotion you are feeling is yours.


3. Intuitive Empath – a person who has heightened intuition, pick up on what people are thinking and feeling and can sense what is ‘unspoken’ in terms of what is going really going on in any situation. They are sensitive to the emotions of others and take on the negativity in the room.

TLC for the intuitive empath:

Increase the light around your body through your own intention and with your breath to ‘push away’ all the energy coming at you. This will help to alleviate the mental and emotional stress, release negativity and allow more positive energy in as it will raise your vibe in the process.


4.  Earth Empath – a person who is attuned to the environment, changes in our planet, the weather, and our solar system. They tend to know what is going on with the whole universe. An earth empath feels a very deep connection to the mother earth to the macro-level off all of nature and the earth at large. They can be strongly affected energetically by natural disasters, weather, major storm systems and when the environment is being harmed.

TLC for the earth empath:

Connect with nature. Spend as much time outdoors as possible, meditate among the trees, and earthing practices (think barefoot in the grass or gardening)


5. Animal empath – a person who has a special connection with animals, can feel their needs and pick up on the feelings of animals. This is somewhat of a telepathic connection, where the empath senses what an animal wants or needs.

TLC for the animal empath.

Quite simply, spend time with animals. You will want to foster the relationship you have with animals. Snuggle with your fur baby, volunteer at a local shelter, or practice energy healing on the animals in your life.


Empaths are super-responders; your sensory experience is the equivalent of feeling objects with fifty fingers instead of five. It takes a conscious act to stay in balance.

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