2-Questions Every Empath Needs to Ask

Do you ever say YES when you want to say NO?
Do you ever feel like other people are sucking the energy out of you?
Are you a people pleaser? 

Setting boundaries (and sticking to them) can be especially challenging for an empath. Your natural state of compassion and sense of responsibility leads you to give and help others often at your own expense.  Boundaries are the intersection to where you take care of yourself in order to be fully present with others. This way you don't lose yourself in other people, in their opinions and their world.

Boundaries define what is you and what is not you -- you know where you end and someone else begins. They help you to prioritize your needs as a means of self care and in caring for others. The more you take care of yourself, the more time, energy and love you have to give others.

Setting boundaries takes practice. I recommend to start setting boundaries where you need them the most.

Your boundaries might sound like this:

  • Instead of trying to fix other people,¬†I am going to silently¬†pray for them as I sit in their discomfort with them.
  • I am going to practice letting go of what‚Äôs not mine to hold. Recognize, feel and release.

"I recognize the energy of sadness. I feel the energy of sadness. I release the energy of sadness."

  • I am taking for responsibility for the energy I allow into my life and into¬†my heart.
  • I am going to take 30-mintes everyday¬†to be alone and¬†space¬†to take a break from doing anything
  • I am going to become more selective with what I say yes to.

What  boundary-related issue might you want to work with?
Examples: Boundaries with yourself (such as self-care, food, or personal goals), in relationships,
with time, with technology and the digital world (such as your smartphone, social media, or
screens in general), and work

I encourage you to explore your needs in different situations. This helps to further identity the need for a boundary that you may not have considered before. Empaths are extremely talented in hearing, feeling and anticipating the needs of others. They are less talented however, in anticipating and honouring their own needs.

Trying stopping in the middle of 3-different situations and consciously ask yourself

  1. What do I want or need right now?
  2. What would it look like if I honour that need right now?’


When you practice clear limits by setting boundaries, you experience less resentment and burnout, greater joy and confidence.

Life is easier and being an empath can indeed be your superpower!

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