Hi! I Am Bonnie Wirth

I have been many things to many people... life coach, medium, spiritual guide, educator, podcast host, author, wife, mother, friend.

I have worked as a professional medium since 2008 after I experienced a major turning point in my life. I have helped thousands of people just like you to navigate through life’s more difficult challenges.

The journey that led me to where I am right now (here with you) started with my own emotional crisis. I experienced a lot of trauma in my past, while suffering in silence for many years, it eventually lead me on a deep downward spiral. I felt stuck in the pain of my story; the past stole my hope and joy. I wanted nothing more than to be happy, to find my way to feeling like the best version of myself and having more of me to offer my family.

I realized that I had been living my life mostly around the expectations of others and I felt disconnected from my true self. This way of living sacrificed my authenticity and diminished my self worth.

I tried hard to be everything for others, someone they could love and accept, but the disconnect was unbearable. There are two things that I learned by doing this:

          You cannot pretend your truth away
          You cannot pretend your pain away


I began doing the inner work to heal my compounded trauma utilizing various healing modalities, meditation, and managing my relationship with my ego. I studied with spiritual teachers. I worked with powerful holistic and alternative healers. It led me down a profound and transformational journey back to me.

The more focused that I became on living my life in alignment with spiritual principles, following my guidance and honouring myself the better my life became. I finally started to feel real, authentic happiness.

Downtown Edmonton Sunset Rooftop Couples Session
As I did, my connection with the spirit world became clearer than ever before. I was guided to take courses that further supported my growth and healing. I was (and still am) in 'awe' of the outcomes of my spiritual journey, that I felt inspired to share what I learned with others. This led me to design my own method of self-improvement courses and retreats, mediumship development programs, and now I help people from all over the world take positive steps forward on their own spiritual journey.
Being myself and giving of myself in service is more rewarding than any job I have had before. It is my heartfelt intention to inspire hope through sharing the wisdom I have gained, and teaching others to experience a more joyful life through their connection too.

My Professional Bio

Downtown Edmonton Sunset Rooftop Couples Session

Bonnie Wirth

Empowerment strategist, emotional resilience expert and mentor with deep compassion for the human condition.

Recently recognized as "1 of 6 women making a positive difference in America" by CUTV Media in partnership with NBC, Bonnie offers personalized coaching programs, transformational retreats and learning opportunities that move women to know their own worthiness and lead them back into wholeness.
With close to 15 years experience teaching, speaking, and developing tools of transformation, Bonnie’s greater purpose is to help women to up level their lives and reclaim their light in a way that truly honours their spirit, mind and body.
Bonnie prayed for purpose and meaning in her life, and allowed her connection with the spirit world to guide her. Bonnie has grown through a deeply healing spiritual journey to overcome the wounds of her tumultuous past and she now shares her story, wisdom and tools to help others to experience their own transformation.
Bonnie’s endless compassion and loving spirit has guided thousands of people through their darkest times.
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