Are You an Empowered Empath

An empowered empath is defined as “a person, who having intentionally cultivated their gifts of energy perception, uses those skills with awareness and discernment to help and heal other people.”

Many of us are what I call extreme empaths. Extreme empaths do not always know when they are absorbing other people’s emotions, traumas, and energy. When this happens, they can become irritable, exhausted, or depressed if they continue to absorb without doing anything about it.

As with any process of transformation, the first step to becoming an empowered empath is to recognize that you are an empath. Once you accept this you open the door to becoming aware of your own emotions.

Emotions, like physical pain, are indicators to help us understand how to navigate our life. If you get burnt touching a hot stove, you will learn to avoid the stove when it’s hot. Similarly, if you get ‘burned’ by a friend, you may avoid trusting them in the future.

As an empowered empath, you have the ability to be proactive with yourself. Once you become aware of your own emotions you can recognize what you need and when you need it. Honoring your own sensitivities helps you avoid overwhelming situations and plan ahead to get what you need.

As an Empath you feel and experience the world a lot more deeply than those around you. Occurring in an estimated 5% of the population, Empaths in a sense personify empathy being able to physically, emotionally and psychologically experience the feelings of other people on a daily basis. Although the Empath has finely tuned intuition, compassion and listening skills, they often experience a variety of negative side effects from their gift.

As an empath collective we can heal, guide, protect and deeply understand the lives of the people around us.  In essence, we can gather immense amounts of knowledge, divine power and light.

And knowledge, as they say, is power and being in your power and light is key!

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