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I facilitate personalized coaching programs, transformational retreats and courses that move woman beyond the ego's concept of life, address the deeper issues of trauma, emotional well-being, and help them to find their way back to wholeness.

With over a decade of experience in pro-active self improvement, I am passionate about empowering dynamic and ambitious women (and men!) in achieving new heights of spiritual vitality, authentic expression and success while honouring all that is true and right for them.

To accept yourself you need to commit to your own vulnerability which is the origin of your power.

 I will help you transform your life with genuine love, heart-felt encouragement and compassion – you are meant to shine like the sun.

Evolve Kajabi

A Membership Community That Honours Your Holistic Health and Personal Journey

I designed this community for women who are interested in personal growth. Women who want to feel more confident, happy, productive and successful in their lives.

A sacred and empowering space for them to be nurtured and supported as they explore, heal, grow, and create the life they dream of (even if they don’t know what that looks like yet). AND I would love for YOU to be part of it!


Elite Transformational Coaching

Live an Empowered Life

If you are ready for positive, long-lasting change, your personal empowerment coaching program is the path to emotional freedom and joy.  

No matter the story that has been playing out or what has happened in the past, the traumas or karmic issues,  or even if you are tired of seeing everyone else create what they want and you just can't seem to catch a break,  I will support you to shift things up and around.

This is an investment in your life and your light!

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Retreats for Your Heart and Soul

Connect with Your Most Authentic Self

All the great spiritual traditions are about discovering and embracing our uniqueness; to grow in potential, happiness, peace, health, and love. I offer positive, life-changing options and opportunities for women in support of their spiritual fulfillment.

From personal intensives to group events, my retreat opportunities offer you a sacred space to go deep.

We laugh, we cry and we rise, together!



Mediumship Development

Academy of Spirit and Soul

As one of the leading teachers in the field of mediumship, I have helped hundreds of fellow mediums develop their channel and psychic medium healing abilities.

I have developed a strategic, heart-centered approach with signature programs that offer you everything to be empowered by your connection to the spiritual realms and embrace your unique purpose. Offering you everything from A-Z in a mediums world.

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Debra Silverman

Author, Renowned Astrologer and Psychologist

“You immediately trust Bonnie when you meet her. Bonnie has been tested, challenged and thrived in her life and come out smiling. So if you having a trying time, Bonnie is your girl. Bonnie’s gift of clarity and wisdom help direct you to answers with plenty of encouragement and truth.  Bonnie is the kind of ally and friend every woman needs.”


Colette Baron-Reid

Author, Intuition Expert and Founder of Oracle School® 

"Bonnie Wirth is one of these women you know is solid, kind, compassionate, gentle, very likeable with lots of integrity and no BS. I loved her the minute I met her and so will you!"


Angela Montano

International Spiritual Coach and Prayer Counselor

“Bonnie Wirth is a change maker. She is a miracle worker. She is a transformer. How she does what she does is a marvel to behold. She is a gift to humanity. Working with Bonnie and seeing her work with others is to witness love in action in a way only Bonnie can express. Do not miss your opportunity to work with this rare and gifted healer. I love Bonnie Wirth.”


Michael J. Chase

Best Selling Author, Renowned Speaker

“To experience Bonnie’s contagious energy is to feel like you are floating a few feet off the ground! She is a rare treasure to anyone seeking a life filled with joy and optimism. I honestly believe that if more people had Bonnie’s inspiring attitude, they would see the world in a whole new way."

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