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Bonnie Wirth

Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Medium

Inspirational Speaker,  Spiritual Teacher and Medium, Author, Self-Empowerment Consultant, and Radio Host on Empower Radio – Lighten Up with Bonnie Show. Hi, I am Bonnie Wirth.  I have been interacting with spirit ever since I was little girl. I do not remember a time when I did not communicate with “the other side” in one way or another and I most certainly never planned on becoming a professional medium. We all have a story and we inevitably have lived through experiences that cause us to need healing –  physically, emotionally, and spiritually and that certainly was the case for me.  I have had so many life-changing and profound experiences with Spirit throughout my healing journey which have helped me realize that my calling is to help other mediums discover and embrace their unique gifts and express their purpose through Spirit with confidence; authentic to their Soul. I facilitate personalized programs, events and retreats to enhance spiritual gifts, as well as address the deeper issues of emotional well-being and the very human challenges of unconscious resistance to creating and receiving what you truly long for in your life. My passion for helping other women like myself to reclaim their well being and happiness, initiate healing while helping them to resolve karma, embrace their truth and live with authenticity is a result of my own personal life experiences, which continues to inspire and support my commitment to raising the consciousness of mediumship and supporting women to discover greater potentials and possibilities for their life. Through coaching, teaching and one-on-one mentoring, at one of the many spiritual retreats which I personally facilitate or at events that I attend as a special guest or key note inspirational speaker, I can be found sharing my passion for living authentically — on stage or in person I give my all to you.

I will help you transform your life with genuine love, heart-felt encouragement and compassion… you are meant to shine like the sun.

Professional Bio
Bonnie Wirth is an Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Medium, Radio Host, and Author.   Raised in a Catholic home, Bonnie was taught to believe her encounters with Spirit where not of God. She grew up fearing her link with Spirit and hiding her gift from others. Bonnie spent much of her life in denial of her connection with the other side, trying to fit in and be who everyone else expected and accepted her to be; she suffered deep depression as a result. At a time when it felt like her past had finally got the best of her, she prayed for purpose and new meaning for her life. And that is where it began.  In 2008 she embarked on a deeply healing spiritual journey.  

After the death of her husband’s best friend, she started receiving visits from him in Spirit and channelling what can only be described as “Love Letters from Heaven” for his wife throughout the following year. Because of the healing she witnessed by sharing her gift in this way, Bonnie realized that her ability to communicate with Spirit was indeed a gift from a Higher Power – God did not make a mistake the day she was born.

Bonnie now teaches women how to create a healthy relationship with Spirit and themselves, as well to realize their gifts and talents and utilize their mediumship abilities to live authentically and with Soulful purpose.
My Story
In 2008 I was at a turning point in my life. I believed that I was so much more than who I had become; more than this person who others expected and accepted me to be. I wanted to do more, have more and be more. I felt like I had potential for something great and meaningful. A wife and a mom of three, I was haunted by my past and spiraling down even though on the outside it looked like I had it all together. I was not happy and I wanted to be happy. I needed to heal the traumas of my past and find understanding and purpose for my life – it was either that or I did not want to live at all.  You see, there had always been a disconnect inside of me. I tried very hard to fit in, whether it was within my own family, with friends, in my community, or society in general. The only thing was I did not fit in. I am a medium and the more I tried to deny this truth, the more disconnected and unhappy I felt. I had created this version of me based on what made everyone else happy, a version of me which sacrificed my authenticity and diminished my self-worth. Please don’t get me wrong, I had a pretty good life. I married my best friend and we had been blessed with three terrific kids. More than anything, I desired to find understanding and purpose for my past, to heal and be at peace with it all. Ah, the moment in asking. I embarked on a deeply healing, holistic and transformational journey back to me. My connection with Spirit and the Divine grew even more profound and clearer connection than ever before. In answer to my prayers, this beautiful universe brought me forward to the mentors and healers to finally heal the wounds of my past and evolve on purpose. I was guided to places and events and took every course I could to further support my further growth and healing.  There truly was an organic and Divine unfolding of circumstance and everyone who I needed in order to transition from what was to how I am living today; happy and fulfilled through my work with Spirit. I am truly grateful for how it all played out. Everything that happened led me to purpose – helping others and making a positive contribution in their lives through my connection with Spirit. Being myself and giving of myself in service is more rewarding than any job I have had before and it is my heartfelt intention to inspire hope through sharing the wisdom of Spirit and teaching others to experience a more joyful life through their connection too.
  • Rev. Bonnie Wirth, B. Msc.
  • Bonnie Wirth Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B. Msc. Degree Ordained Metaphysical Minister
  • Member of the International Metaphysical Ministry Spiritual Mind Treatment Practitioners
  • Diploma Licensed Holistic Health Coach
  • Mediumship Certification
  • ThetaHealing™ Certification
    • THINK Institute of Knowledge
    • Basic DNA
    • Advanced DNA
    • Manifesting and Abundance
    • Intuitive Anatomy
    • World Relations
    • Rhythm to a Perfect Weight
    • SOUL Mate
  • Essence of Angels Practitioner Certification
  • Universal Life Tools Metaphysical School of Healing
  • Toe Reading Certification
  • Chakradance® Accredited Facilitator
  • Astrology 101
  • Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy®
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I share deep insights and wisdom on how I have found peace, joy and love in life after a multitude of unimaginable experiences and will help you thrive on the other side of life’s challenges!

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Author of – “The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone”

Author of – “The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone”

“To experience Bonnie’s contagious energy is to feel like you are floating a few feet off the ground! She is a rare treasure to anyone seeking a life filled with joy and optimism. I honestly believe that if more people had Bonnie’s inspiring attitude, they would see the world in a whole new way.” – Michael J. Chase
Renowned Astrologer

Renowned Astrologer

“You immediately trust Bonnie when you meet her. Bonnie has been tested, challenged and thrived in her life and come out smiling. So if you having a trying time, Bonnie is your girl. Bonnie’s gift of clarity and wisdom help direct you to answers with plenty of encouragement and truth.  Bonnie is the kind of ally and friend every women needs.” –  Debra Silverman, MA
Author – Dream Power

Author – Dream Power

“Bonnie’s sparkling energy and enthusiasm for life is contagious! You can’t be around her for very long without seeing the possibilities and opportunities in your life, clear as day.” – Cynthia Richmond




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