empowering your worthiness

I am here to help you discover, embody and align with who you truly are, beyond your past, beyond your story and create a life you will love living.





Enriching content, daily inspiration, strengthened connection, and exhilarating offerings. It's all in service of empowering your authenticity, nurturing your worthiness, and unlocking a life for you to truly love.

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I am here to facilitate and nurture you on a journey back to your truest self.

To help you commit to our own vulnerability, heal your deepest wounds and discover your innate resilience, wisdom, and boundless power to create a more full, abundant, and empowered life to live.

Together we unravel everything that you are not in order for you to liberate who you really are, to embody your worthiness and align with the infinite potential that is within you.  It is not just in some of us, it is in all of us. 

My purpose is to walk you through a deep transformational and courageous journey—to help you to start living your life from worthiness, with an abundance of energy, possibility, peace, joy, freedom and wholeness.

I see you, and I am here for you when you are ready.


Downtown Edmonton Sunset Rooftop Couples Session
Downtown Edmonton Sunset Rooftop Couples Session


Designed to support you in moving beyond the past and actively shape a future that reflects the essence of who you were born to be.

Programs to profoundly transform and permanently change your life - completely, forever and for the better.

These programs embody and exemplify the essential elements required to affirm your worthiness, embrace the power within you, and define your presence in the world.

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Mediumship is not something that I do, being a medium is who I am.

What elevates my work and my ability to support you to make profound transformational shifts comes from my connection to the non-physical world. This ability helps me to glean insight to underlying issues, unhealthy patterns, and discover solutions beyond the surface level.  

I have a deep understanding of spiritual and psychological principles as well as life experiences that offer valuable insight to help facilitate your personal growth and transformation. I offer an integrative energy approach, am an expert in emotional resilience and trauma healing mind, body, heart, and soul.

I also have a mediumship academy where I have the honour of mentoring mediums to know that they are gift to the world. What makes me different is the very thing that blesses them with purpose. 

Downtown Edmonton Sunset Rooftop Couples Session
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Debra - Edited

Debra Silverman

Author, Renowned Astrologer and Psychologist

You immediately trust Bonnie when you meet her. Bonnie has been tested, challenged and thrived in her life and come out smiling. So if you having a trying time, Bonnie is your girl. Bonnie’s gift of clarity and wisdom help direct you to answers with plenty of encouragement and truth.  Bonnie is the kind of ally and friend every woman needs.”

Colette - Edited

Colette Baron-Reid

Author, Intuition Expert and Founder of Oracle School® 

"Bonnie Wirth is one of these women you know is solid, kind, compassionate, gentle, very likeable with lots of integrity and no BS. I loved her the minute I met her and so will you!"

Angela Montano - Edited

Angela Montano

International Spiritual Coach and Prayer Counselor

Bonnie Wirth is a change maker. She is a miracle worker. She is a transformer. How she does what she does is a marvel to behold. She is a gift to humanity. Working with Bonnie and seeing her work with others is to witness love in action in a way only Bonnie can express. Do not miss your opportunity to work with this rare and gifted healer. I love Bonnie Wirth.”


Michael Bodhi

Best Selling Author, Renowned Speaker

To experience Bonnie’s contagious energy is to feel like you are floating a few feet off the ground! She is a rare treasure to anyone seeking a life filled with joy and optimism. I honestly believe that if more people had Bonnie’s inspiring attitude, they would see the world in a whole new way."



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