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Bonnie Wirth

Empowerment Strategist & Soul Mentor
CEO, AcadSS Consulting Ltd

I used to believe that a spiritual journey was all angels, meditation, and woo woo joy. Now, I maintain that life itself is the spiritual journey and I try to embrace the highs and lows with as much grace, appreciation and woo possible.

I am a wife, a momma bear and nana. My happy place is in nature. I am pretty shy until I get know someone and I am an advocate for empowerment through self-responsibility. I love listening to all genres of music (its all about the lyrics) and I pretty much dance every day. I enjoying traveling, losing myself in a good book, and have a ridiculous sweet tooth. I am a fair-weather golfer, like bike riding with no destination and in true Gemini style, love to laugh and have fun. Oh! And I dislike winter, even though I live in Canada.


Marianne Lipsius

Director of Business Services

I am a medium, healer and spiritual guide living in Alberta, Canada.  I am a mother of 2 sons who are now adults. In addition to my role with Bonnie Wirth, I also have own business. One of my favourite activities is connecting to nature and Mother Earth while hiking in the Canadian Rockies.


Christina Seitz

Marketing & Communications Director

I am a multifaceted woman who enjoys spending time hiking, kayaking, having deep conversations, eating amazing food and playing with mud in my pottery studio. I believe that personal development and being on a spiritual journey both lead down the same path and I want to live this life as the most expansive version of myself. I love to think deeply about things and live in my imagination. You might find me seeking out some alone time under a tree somewhere, (hopefully) reading a book.

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