Divine Intervention

"Angels can unleash hurricanes of healing, release tidal waves of love,

move whole mountains of hatred, melt icebergs of jealousy,

and evaporate oceans of pain"  - Unknown


Calling upon your guides and angels is a powerful way to bring light and love into any situation. My connection to the unseen realms have been my saving grace many times over; their love and healing has been such medicine for meI could share so many stories about the divine intervention of my guides and angels in my life. I have always felt such intense waves of unconditional love and peacefulness in their presence.

Anyone can call upon these beautiful divine beings; you do not need any 'special powers' or gifts to do so. They are with you to help in every way possible, you just need to ask. The wisdom and direction they offer will help you grow through your struggles and find peace in your heart and mind.

Our guides and angels are an extension of our Higher Power, whether you recognize it as God or the Universe. Their vibration and illuminating presence in our life helps to clear the fog of fearful illusion and despite all appearances and circumstance, they reassure us that we are loved and all is well.


One of the most profound experiences that can only be defined as divine intervention was when I was six years old.

My family was on vacation in the mountains and my mom asked my sister to take me to the beach for swim while she prepared dinner.  Begrudgingly she did. Not impressed with having to watch over me, she sat on the beach lost in her own thoughts.

There was no one else at the beach. I was the only one playing in the water. As I was jumping and splashing around in the waist-high water, I lost my balance, side-stepped off the lake shelf and was over my head in seconds. I remember having the awareness to the fact that I was drowning. I could see the lake shelf disappearing above my head as I continued to sink further down. I silently prayed and asked God to help me. Then all of a sudden, out of no where someone grabbed hold of my torso, lifted me up, and placed me back on the lake shelf I had fallen from. Coughing and spewing as I got my bearings, I looked around expecting to see someone standing beside me, only to discover I was still the only one in the water.

And my sister, well she hadn't even noticed! She was completely oblivious to what had transpired. My six-year-old self confident it was a sea monster ran from the water and back to our campsite crying. I never told my mom what happened for fear of my sister getting in trouble.

The sea monster scared me and yet I owed it my life. Later that night, as I feel to sleep, someone whispered into my ear and said, 'Don't be afraid, God sent me. My name is Michael'. My sea monster was Archangel Michael!

Our guides work hard to let us know we are not alone and remind us that we are loved and supported, that our prayers have been heard, and our intentions received by the Universe. Their guidance comes in many different forms and many different ways. From profound experiences we cannot explain away to the simplest signs that appear repetitively - numbers, names, feathers, books, people, music and more. They have a brilliant way of catching our attention and ensuring that we receive their message and the help we have asked for.

I receive so many messages through song lyrics. Whether these messages are for me directly or a way for those on the other side to impart their messages during a reading. Songs (and numbers) are a very easy form of spiritual communication.

I also find that music is also one of the easiest ways to raise my vibration when I am feeling off or out of alignment. Listening to uplifting and soulfully revitalizing music not only lifts my spirits, it brings me into a higher vibration where I can easily connect with my guides. My preferred genre of music covers all the bases - from spiritual, to mantras and prayers, to classical, folk, country and rock n'roll. The lyrics are what speak to my soul.

I encourage you to make a play list of your favorite songs - the ones that raise your vibe and help you to feel good no matter the genre. Then, just like oracle cards, you can use your playlist as another way to communicate with your guides. Simply ask them what song it is that your spirit needs to hear most, then shuffle your playlist and listen to whatever song comes up paying extra attention to the lyrics for your message. This is another fun way to work with your guides.

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