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Here on my blog I share some of the spiritual wisdom and perspective I gain on my journey to wholeness. From mediumship development, to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, to "The Oracle" energy view, and more!

I hope my posts will help empower you in deepening your spiritual connection, create the life you desire, discover greater purpose and most importantly, to simply help you feel good.

(6) Ways to Describe Someone on the Other Side

By Bonnie Wirth | June 11, 2022

We all have unique personalities with different attributes and characteristics that make us who we are. Understanding your own personality and other people in your life will help you better understand the many personalities of those individuals in the spirit world.

Soul Care

By Bonnie Wirth | May 17, 2022

Life is messy sometimes and doing deep inner work is messier. All of us will experience weariness, pain, discouragement, anger, and loneliness along the way from dealing with circumstances that feel beyond our control

Practical Magic, (3) Ways to Stay in Flow

By Bonnie Wirth | May 4, 2022

I am the first to admit that I am still a work in progress. As much as I am practicing letting go and flowing forward when challenges arise, I can still get a little bent out of shape when things do not go my way.

Reinventing Prayer

By Bonnie Wirth | April 1, 2022

Growing up in Catholicism prayer there were certain prayers that needed to be memorized and used to address specific needs and purposes

5 Easy Steps to Connect with Your Guardian Angels

By Bonnie Wirth | March 18, 2022

Your guardian angels (we all have more than one) were assigned to you before you were even born. Unlike archangels and helper angels, guardian angels are yours exclusively.

Divine Intervention

By Bonnie Wirth | March 11, 2022

Calling upon your guides and angels is a powerful way to bring light and love into any situation. My connection to the unseen realms have been my saving grace many times over; their love and healing has been such medicine for me.

5 Types of Empaths

By Bonnie Wirth | February 27, 2022

Empaths are highly advanced souls and there are more empaths on earth right now than ever before. In fact, Caroline Myss, a medical medium, refers to empaths as “the new normal.”

2-Questions Every Empath Needs to Ask

By Bonnie Wirth | February 10, 2022

Setting boundaries (and sticking to them) can be especially challenging for an empath. Your natural state of compassion and sense of responsibility leads you to give and help others often at your own expense.

Are You an Empowered Empath

By Bonnie Wirth | February 5, 2022

An empowered empath is defined as “a person, who having intentionally cultivated their gifts of energy perception, uses those skills with awareness and discernment to help and heal other people.”

Humbug and Cheer – (3) Ways to Take Care of Your Heart Through the Holidays

By Bonnie Wirth | December 19, 2021

The holiday season can be a mix of humbug and cheer. Coping with the loss of a close friend, fur baby, or family member may be one of the hardest challenges that many of us face. It is not always easy going through the motions of the holidays especially when you are grieving.

Life is good by Bonnie Wirth

To Trust or Not to Trust, That is the Question; 3 Steps to Trusting the Unknown

By Bonnie Wirth | March 9, 2021

No matter how many times you tell yourself, “I just have to trust the universe”, It can be hard to trust in the unknown. Trust is a practice all its own, especially when life feels chaotic and overwhelming.

More Than Smudge; 4-Steps to a Space and Energy Clearing on Your New Home.

By Bonnie Wirth | March 7, 2021

Many new homes (or a new to you home) come with lingering juju all their own; good, bad, and otherwise. It is not saying that the previous homeowners were terrible people, it just means the energy is theirs, beneficial to them and not necessarily beneficial to you,

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