Does Your House Need A Detox?

You probably agree! There is no place like home.

Home is where our heart is. It is that one place where we can kick back with jammie days and adorning bedhead; bare-faced and bare ass. Home is our refuge – where we are who we are, and where we feel most welcome to be our authentic self. For the most part, home is where we feel safe and secure, relaxed and completely at ease. It can also be the least expected source of our empathic over-whelm.
Studies have shown that cortisol levels (the stress hormone) are higher in people who have a cluttered home. Clutter is stuck, stagnant energy that can leave our body constantly in a low-grade, fight-or-flight mode. Not only is this taxing on our body and mind, clutter also creates a friction-based energy that overstimulates our psychic and empathic senses. It makes us irritable and ultimately interferes with our ability to feel truly calm and secure in our own home.
And it is incredible how quickly clutter builds within the home. Let’s take my spare room for example.  I joke with Nolan saying its my personal ‘dressing room’ – its like an extension of my closet. From piles of clean clothes on the bed to the pile of dirty clothes on the floor. My luggage room. Half-packed bags that come with being continuously on the road; my jewellery strewn across the dresser. It’s a quick drop zone for grandson’s must-haves – toys, his highchair, a playpen. The room I use for pretty much anything that I need to tend to that I have not had a chance to file, put away or sort through amid everything else I have on the go. As an empath, I have an inbuilt loathing to clutter energy and yet, I also tend to be my own worst energy vampire.
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Everything is energy and everything holds energy. When our physical space is not organized or is unkept, the energy unintentionally builds up. For someone who is an energy sensitive, even clutter we cannot see has a debilitating effect on the psyche. It creates an overcrowded feeling and depletes us. Clutter causes sluggishness, apathy and is uninspiring to the mind and unmotivating to the body. And yes, occasionally, even I have to do a full-on house detox thanks to my own making.
  • How many of us hold onto things long after they’ve outlived their use?
  • Keep clothes for when we lose weight or in the hope, they may come back in style? 
  • Have been given a gift we didn’t really like, but kept it to avoid hurting another person’s feelings?
  • Hang on to things ‘just in case’ we need it again even though we haven’t needed it in the past two years?
  • Or keep oracle cards even though their messages no longer resonate? 
When we remove clutter from our home, we also clear the energetic debris that was being held in the space; it’s a super easy way to alleviate empathic overwhelm and raise our vibes. And at the same time, we send out a message to the universe that we are open to receive – whether that be guidance from the angels, the clear presence of a loved one in spirit or whatever it is that we have been praying for – decluttering makes room for it to come into our lives. It is always amazing how much better I feel after cleaning my spare room.
Do you have a spare room like mine? A closet or a drawer in need of decluttering? A little energetic spring-cleaning may be in order beautiful empath.
I use the S.E.E.Y.A method.
It basically boils down to the following five questions:
Is the item….
  1. S – sucking my energy? Does it feel heavy?
  2. E – excessive? Do I have more of the same? Ie. Books about the subject, oracle cards.
  3. E – emotionally draining? Does the item stir an unhappy memory or make me sad in any way?
  4. Y – you. You don’t love it? You don’t even like it? Why are you keeping it?
  5. A – an eye sore? Is it broken, damaged or missing pieces?
If you answer ‘yes’ to even one of these questions, you can say, “See ya!” to it. You can either throw it away or donate it to make way for more light into your world.
Whether it’s a spare room, a closet or a drawer, clutter leads to an overly cluttered energy field. When things pile up, or no longer have a purpose, are broken or unused, it creates stagnated energy and this is extremely draining. Decluttering our physical space not only makes things more organized, it also declutters our energy field. It gives us some extra breathing room – we feel lighter and brighter.
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