Anxiety and the Empath

Anxiety Like Everything Is Energy

Our planet is being flooded by Light and this reflection is bringing wounds, shadows, fears, and secrets to the surface. It is playing out in the media, in political forums and religious orders, on the world stage and for some, even closer to home.
For an empath its like energetic chaos! Our central nervous system is set up in such a way that we are more attuned to other people, ourselves and our environment. The emotional debris of this influx of light that is currently circulating is showing up as anxiety for many of us.
As empaths anxiety is one of the biggest issues we have to face. Not only do we cry when other people cry and feel other people’s joy and pain, we take these emotions into our own body and feel physical symptoms like headaches, nausea and anxiety. In fact, before I was truly aware of my sensitivity, I went to the doctor and even consulted a therapist seeking help only to be told that it was just in my head. I know how truly awful it can feel, and how urgently it needs to be soothed – God knows I was on this merry-go-round for awhile.
There are 3 key things I was guided to share with you about anxiety:
  1. Anxiety is a natural part of the being an energetically sensitive person
  2. The anxiety that you are feeling absolutely will pass and
  3. Its actually has a message for you
Everyone feels anxious sometimes. I share some practical and spiritual strategies on my podcast “The Anxiety Loop”LISTEN HERE
Anxiety like everything is energy that ends up overwhelming our empathic nervous system; either what feel from others (including spirit) or energy that results from our own internalized fears and/or limiting beliefs. Anxiety, in many cases, is simply energy that wants to move – we’re just super charged – and our bodies simply don’t have enough physical density to be able to balance it out. The energy of anxiety is asking to be acknowledged and expressed healthfully.
What we sometimes fail to understand is that the more attention we pay our anxiety as something negative or bad, the stronger it becomes, and the more powerful it grows. Every emotion we experience compounds this by creating more anxious sensations for us to deal with.
There are times where honestly does not matter who, why or what we are feeling (emphasis on ‘sometimes’ ). The fact that we are empaths means that it is our ‘job’ to feel it and heal it – for ourselves or for others – and this also means surrendering to it. The moment we surrender we are no longer resisting our sensitivity and it then becomes easier to allow the energies that are causing us to feel anxious, to move through us instead.
When we recognize it is as energy, we declare to the Universe that we are not buying into what is not ours. When we refuse to own it and it can freely move through us instead of getting stuck in our field. Recognizing it as energy helps dissipate what we have absorbed from others – it prevents it from having a deep and draining impact. This can be done simply by questioning the emotion ‘Who am I feeling?’. When we consciously let the energy flow through our bodies instead of trying to make sense of it, feel distressed or complain about it, the lower vibration energy is usually temporary.
Anxiety and courage are two sides of the same coin. It is impossible to have one without the other. When we are feeling anxious and afraid, it takes courage to make it through the day. There is nothing we can do to turn off our empathic abilities – we will always be sensitive to energy. However, when we raise our vibes and take good care of ourselves (diet, exercise, daily rituals) whatever we have been carrying will pass through our energy field like a screen.
So, what to do….
Instead of becoming entangled and over-whelmed by your empathic nature, the following process may help to allow the anxious, unsettling energy to flow through you (it certainly works for me):
  • when you begin to feel anxious, take a few deep breaths and expand your energy field
  • feel into the sensations – notice where this is showing up in your body and put name the emotion you are feeling
  • thank this energy and dialogue with it to lessen the resistance. Treat it as an ally by asking, ‘What message are you trying to give me?’ Pay attention and observe what comes up.
  • then, let it flow through you by imagining that your spine is a hollow tube. With intention, move the energy from your root chakra up and out through the crown – to let go and let God.
Empathic anxiety is something that may never go away, however I do know that it is something that diminishes over time as we become a more empowered by our sensitivity. The energy of anxiety shows up to help us recognize our own power. Anxiety is a messenger, speaking through us – an invitation to courageously be the light.
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