3-Simple Things Every Empath Needs to Do

Empaths have special needs
Being an empath can be very challenging to navigate sometimes – overwhelming even. It is the most difficult aspect of being an energy sensitive. All empaths are extremely sensitive people; it is one thing to be an empath, it’s another to be a medium.
Mediums are spiritual empaths.
  • emotionally gifted,
  • psychically attuned,
  • tuned in to the spirit realm,
  • highly creative,
  • visionaries,
  • healers
We feel everything even when we are not aware of it; the energy of other people and animals, the heightened energy shifts in the Cosmos, the environment and the subtle energies of the spirit world. All of which can separates us from feeling present, grounded and at peace in our life. Our energetic radar is constantly on high – sensitivity x 10.
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I recently did a session with a client who is highly empathic and having trouble trouble sleeping with her partner – not because she did not love him, but because she was feeling so empathically overwhelmed by him. This is such a common thing for empaths and does not mean that we are terrible people, in fact it is the direct opposite, empaths have huge hearts. Yet, we can have a hard time in our intimate relationships – we have a hard time with too much togetherness.
I could totally relate to what my client was experiencing. I get annoyed at my husband for simply snuggling up to me while he sleeps – having someone touching me or breathing on me just about drives me bonkers when I am feeling inundated by influencing energies. I am not ashamed to admit that I will often choose to sleep on the couch instead of sleeping with him from time to time and I love this man with all my heart. I simply need alone time – nothing and no one in my energy field.
As empaths we all require alone time/quiet time to recharge our batteries. Sensory overload from the noise and chatter of the world, absorbing both positive and negative emotional energy and our compassionate generosity can be draining. We are like a giant sponge that becomes sopping wet. As empaths we have special needs and learning to take care of ourselves is imperative; we need to allow our sponge to dry out every once in a while.
The more drenched and out of alignment we become (feeling run down, emotionally low, having unbalanced energy centers and hormones, etc.) the worse we can be affected by the influences of the external world and the longer the funk can last. Alone time is one of the ways we honour our sensitivity and replenish our system.
Empathic overwhelm affects everyone differently at different stages of life and there are times when it can be more extreme than others. We all go through confusing and disorienting times in life. One of the quickest ways to avoid being an energy sponge is to learn to not take on the energy at all. You can do this simply by allowing emotions and feelings to come and go without identifying with them.
Try this the next time you feel stressed, tense, tired, sick, angry, or stuffy with emotions – instead of ‘buying into’ the energy of the experience, recognize it instead, this is non-attachment.
“I recognize the energy of anger”.
“I recognize the energy of stress”.
“I recognize the energy of depression”.
The energy will move through you instead of it becoming a part of your experiences.
So what else can we do to avoid becoming saturated?
Well besides besides self-care, self-care and more self-care; exercise and nutrition, meditation, time in nature, listening to my podcast, spending time alone and getting some fresh air every day….
  • Eat chocolate! A small amount of chocolate (notice I said a small amount) is a quick way to release serotonin, raise the happy vibes and ground our energy. A couple small squares of chocolate followed by a glass of water helps to re-balance our energy field. Who ever said chocolate was not good for you was almost certainly not an empath. That being said, empaths also require more sodium in their diet to help transmute energy. A little chocolate with sea salt is the perfect combo for this girl.
  • Temple hold. Put a couple drops of lavender oil on your fingers and gently press on either side of the temples. Take some deep, conscious breaths and keep your fingers here for as long as needed. This simple technique helps break up the chatter, calms our mind and settle emotional overwhelm. It is so cool how it works and is great to do before you crawl into bed for the night.
  • Sing or listen to uplifting music. Anyone can sing, hum, chant, even whistling works. The vibration of sound affects us on many levels and is an excellent mood lifter as well as a great way to begin to shake off whatever we have absorbed into our energy field.
Sometimes it is the simplest things we can do that provide the quickest relief.
Honour your sensitive nature sweet friend, your sensitive, loving, compassionate nature is a gift to our world!
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