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I am happy you have found your way to me. Whether you’re interested in starting a new career, forgiving your past, healing from a loss of a loved one or just want to lead an overall more fulfilling and balanced life, my programs, classes, and events are tailored to help you shift through the barriers of limitation, heal, achieve your greatest aspirations, and fulfill your purpose. 

I offer an unique approach -- I serve as a channel between Heaven and Earth relaying information and guidance that is specific for your life, that speaks to your heart and in support of your greatest life. 

I combine my training, various certifications and degrees in holistic health, universal law, metaphysical science, and my personal life experience to offer you an individualized and truly transformational experience. 

I will help you shift your relationship with life to become more empowered, present and free; to live life on your terms, a life you love.

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Mediumship Development

Welcome to the Academy of Spirit and Soul Mediumship School! Offering mediums who are ready to journey deep into the heart of spiritual communication and soul purpose, the opportunity to follow their passions in helping others.

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