When You Know Like You Know; Developing Claircognizance

Are you Claircognizant?

Claircognizance is clear knowing – denouncing our logical brain and trusting our inner knowing. Sometimes what we come up with logically is what our soul knows to be true and the very message spirit is asking to be shared.

It goes without saying that trusting the thoughts we have is key in claircognizance development. 
It is the soul sense that provides us with direct knowledge and information from the spirit world.  It comes in quickly, clearly and offers us information and insights that are of a high vibrational frequency that transcend ego.
All of a sudden, the information is just there. We just know. In fact it can seem that we have no idea how we even know, we just do. It is different than a thought. The left side of our brain is in motion while the conscious mind is observes the information, rather than the mind creating it – the all knowing mind of consciousness at work.
You ‘know’ you are claircognizant when:
  • You experience a lot of aha-moments immediately knowing the answer to a question, a solution to someone’s problem or the best course of action to take with no logical explanation to back up your idea,
  • You think a lot, have random thoughts, and tend to analyze things and people,
  • You say things like, “What I think is” or “I understand where you are coming from”, or “I know exactly what you mean”,
  • You often know what someone is going to say or have a tendency to interrupt people and finish their sentences,
  • You immediately know when someone is telling the truth.
Claircognizance brings an immediate download of information from the spirit world that provides exact and evidential details we would not otherwise know, offers solutions to problems, and is objective. It is offered without the word of “should” and carries no emotion when it comes through.
(3) Ways to Develop Claircognizance:
  1. Meditate. It does not matter if you want to develop claircognizance or any of the other soul senses, meditation is key. Meditation allows you to become aware of your own energy, your thoughts, and usual feelings and sensations in your body. Your body is the baseline. It is important to know is yours to compare the sensations in order to discern the messages from spirit.
  2. Automatic Writing. Grab a journal and pen or even your laptop. Ask yourself a question and just begin writing or typing the possible answer without any conscious effort. Sometimes it will make no sense and there will sometimes be answers that surprise you.
  3. Think About Things. Set aside a few minutes on a regular basis to “think” about all the things that you know about an object, a person or a place. You may find it helpful to write this down to clear out the thoughts and make room for more.
The key in relaying claircognizant messages is to share the knowledge immediately as it comes through before your logical mind gets a hold of it. If you do over think it, don’t worry, a claircognizant message will always come back again sometimes having triggered another soul sense – the spirit realm has a beautiful way of ensuring their love and messages are delivered.

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