What are Spirit Guides

The idea of spirit guides isn’t just new age fluff or woo woo —it’s a belief system that spans throughout many cultures and religions. Although different cultures may call their guides by different names, one thing is for certain, caring for us is their priority, and assisting and loving us as we navigate through life is their purpose.

Modern day mysticism defines spirit guides as non-physical beings that have signed a soul contract to help you navigate your life on earth and lead you toward your greatest potential in this lifetime. Whether you know it or not, you have a full team of spirit guides cheering you. They are subtly helping you through all of life’s ups and downs giving you an added layer of protection and direction through their mastery and wisdom. They are like divine professors who champion for your needs, and help to answer your prayers no matter your cultural or spiritual background, they tend to your heartache, and offer direction when you feel stuck in life.

Most of us are walking around with an entourage of spirit guides. Many people don’t see, sense, or hear any particular guide but the truth is that you have at least one guide that has been with you for your entire life. This spirit guide will see you through it all, emphasize your gifts and talents, help point you in the direction of your path and purpose, and offer guiding light during moments of darkness. You always have access to them, you always have.

Spirit guides exist in the realm of infinite possibilities. They are not confined by time or space and as such, there is no limit to what they can do for you.  Spirit guides are of great benefit to you, helping with anything big—divorce, health concerns, a dark night of the soul, and supporting you on your spiritual journey. Or small things—like the ideal parking space, motivation to do the dishes, go to work or get a good nights sleep.

Even if you don’t feel connected with a specific spirit guide or angel, you do hold a deep connection to your spiritual guidance team. Communication with your guides will vary wildly. Their guidance comes through in various ways....

  1. Through certain books, “random” people, or practitioners. 
  2. Messages in the form of repetitive numbers or symbols.  
  3. You might hear messages through the lyrics to songs, or inspired by photos, movies, or even TV shows.
  4. Guides often show up with messages in your dreams.


While your guides have immense knowledge and offer their wisdom, insight and clarity through their messages, it is ultimately up to you to decide whether you follow their guidance or not. The choice is always yours. But what I can tell you from my personal experience, that often, even though their guidance defies logic, things always have a beautiful way of working out when I trust in the direction they offer - better than I could ever have imaged.

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