upward swing

The past few months have been somewhat challenging for me – from health to finances to moments of uncertainty and literally questioning every aspect of my life; both personally and in my professional endeavors. I certainly have not been without my share of uncomfortable discomfort.
I know that all this “stuff” I have been moving through is the Universe’s silly way of equipping me to advance forward in purpose. With every plot twist, I have learned that any form of discomfort is worth overcoming in order to say yes to the next great thing that the “Powers that BE” and my conspiring Soul have in store for me (OR so I have convinced my Gemini ego-mind haha!)
“God allows us to experience the low points of life in order to teach us lessons that we could learn in no other way.” – CS Lewis. 
As I have shared before, 2016 is a year of completion for all of us. You and I are living in a time of divine transition. Things changing in the world around us and our lives are changing too –  from one purpose to the next, from one sphere of influence or consciousness to the next, from one opportunity to the next, and from one season to the next.
This solstice period marks our turnaround phase of the year….  I like to think of this as our “upward swing”. It has a liberating energetic influence that is guiding us even further on our most authentic path and it is more important than ever for us to take some time to sort through every aspect of our life to get clear on what we truly want to Be, Do and Have. The shift of Universe’s pendulum has allowed our upheaval to settle somewhat as our Soul continues to call us forward to understand, accept, forgive, release and align our head and our heart…. to ultimately heal. Quite simply, we are being asked to open our hearts to love ourselves even more than we did a moment ago. It is all about honouring ourselves with compassionate nurturing care and ultimately choosing more love with every breath.
Life’s most difficult seasons exist for the purpose of deepening us, teaching us, enriching us and all this “funk and junk” we go through…. the terrible events that happen are in some profound way actually GoOD – Besides, our Soul gets off on it!
If you are going through or have gone through a season that you wish you could erase, take a closer look and examine the good to create some positive momentum in moving forward. I also invite you to….
  1. Avoid comparing yourself to others around you who seem to be leaping forward in life. By comparing ourselves to others, we often end up judging ourselves.The thing about comparison is that we never win.
  2. Let go of your “should’s” as this will alleviate any harsh judgement on yourself for not handling things differently or what you did or did not accomplish. Your a sweet angel learning about life!
  3. Identify where you want to go, what you feel called to do, what you need to change. Every day do something small that takes you in the right direction. Make whatever positive choices you can. It will bring you great joy and fulfillment as you patiently cooperate with your life. 
Trust sweet friends, that if you let it, all the “funk and junk” will reveal something good to you. You may be tired and battle-scarred, but you made it, or you will make it. No matter what others can take from you in this life, they can’t take away God’s ability to create beauty out of the ashes. 
I remember struggling and feeling desperately alone during  my”growth seasons” in the past and  have found it incredibly helpful to have a mentor to love and support me through; someone who has the experience, wisdom and ability to help me grow and develop. A mentor is not only a great source of guidance and support, they can also be crucial to the fulfillment of your destiny and vital to getting to the next level.
My mentoring program and personal retreats are designed to take you on a sacred journey of inner-work and self discovery to help you embrace your pure, divine nature in a way that is empowering and liberating. When you are aligned with someone in this way, the relationship will keep you from feeling alone and thinking you must “figure it out” all by yourself.
Whether you want mentoring in your professional or personal life I would be honored to support you to shine a light on your most authentic self to move forward through your challenges with love.