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Tranquil Soul

Mala Bracelet

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A beautiful combination of Amethyst Sunstone and Howlite handcrafted to relieve anxiety, energetic overwhelm, ease fears, improve mindset and balance emotions.

Amethyst – Calms nerves, grief, tension, anxiety and balances emotional energy. It helps with decision making, moving forward in life, and coping with responsibility and change.
Sunstone – Lifts the mood and provides a more positive outlook. Infuses the emotional body with an energy of lightness.
Howlite – a stabilizing stone that helps to calm emotions, increases patience, reduces fear, alleviates anxiety, stress and negative reactions well as releases tendency to be triggered by the past.

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With the activation of these (3)-crystals, the infusion of potent healing energy and the following affirmations, this mala is sure to bring greater ease in the midst of this vast awakening:
  • My mind and heart are calm and at ease; peace is my natural state of being.
  • My heart is open to all the magic, the miracles and joy around me; I deserve and am worthy.
  • I gracefully let go of what no longer serves me knowing I am divinely supported.
  • I love myself and am proud of who I am; who I AM is enough.
  • I have faith in myself and my purpose. I confidently move forward, grounded and secure on my life path.


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Choose your size

VIP Gratitude Rate – $33.00 (plus $3.50 s&h and 5% gst)

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Wrist Sizes


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