Toilet Paper Mayhem

Okay, honestly…. I didn’t get it! I had no idea what the heck was going on. It was as if all of a sudden everyone was either buying toilet paper, joking about toilet paper or ridiculing those who were buying it.

One of the very fist things that I did when I started my ‘wellness habits’ was to go on a media diet (which by the way was so much easier than a food diet).
It wasn’t that I didn’t care. It was the fact that I cared so much that the suffering – war, economy, financial markets, missing persons, murders, plane crashes, terrorist attacks, starving children, epidemic, abused animals, politics and natural disasters – were fueling into the negative aspects of my psyche.
When I was down in life, stuff like this just kept bringing me down. It left me feeling helpless and hopeless. Not watching or listening to the news helped me to create a new narrative for my life and feel better in as a result.
Over the years, as I have become more conscious and able to lovingly hold space for others; I no longer turn away from the human condition. I honour others with deep compassion, because quite simply life can suck sometimes. Just ask someone who has stage 4 cancer or is struggling with fibromyalgia and cannot get out of bed, or someone struggling in the abyss of depression; those who lost their home in a flood or fire or their loved or those in the reality of the recent Corona-virus. They need someone to care; they deserve to be loved and respected for what they are going through.
I also recognize that the root of anything that we see or witness in the world that we judge, label as suffering or diminished well-being is resistance.
Resistance is fear-based. In fact, many of us live with a silent burden of fear which affects all of our actions and choices; fear is what lowers our immune system and creates chaos in the ego-mind and chaos in actions.
Fear is at the root of the toilet paper mayhem – the fear of dying, the fear of losing someone close; being afraid of the unknown.
Our choices become altered in fear and take us out of alignment from our source – from those very choices that otherwise support our over-all vibrational and physical wellness, to those that propel us into more fear that:
  • causes us to constrict instead of expand,
  • creates separation,
  • over pronounces lack.
What we think about, where we allow our attention to go and how we act in response, significantly impacts both our own well-being and the well-being of our communities. When we really stop and think about it, the best way to “save ourselves” is to divert our attention from what is panic, fear and lack to that of abundance, health and the GoOD we have in our lives.
Everything has a consciousness and we are creating our life experiences. What we give our attention to multiplies….
—have you been more conscious of disease and lack or that of health and abundance lately?
This is not denying the hardship of other people’s lives or that we do not care. It is about saying,
“I see you who are suffering. I honour you without judgement. I honour your free will, awakening and soul’s experience. I choose to do my part to increase light vibration on the planet. I trust and know that through my conscious effort, my willingness to see this is an abundant, healthy, prosperous, loving, and divine universe, and through its infinite resourcefulness, I will be enabled to arise with grace through unconditional love”
I believe that with greater awareness comes greater responsibility. It makes me sad that media and pharmaceutical companies are causing increased fear and stress. So what can we do as a conscious community?
  1. Keep pivoting from lack /fear-based thoughts to that of abundance,
  2. Tend to our vibe and keep it high. Stay connected and aligned, mediate, pray
  3. Take care of ourselves. Wash our hands, take vitamins, exercise, stay hydrated, focus on nutrition that supports health
  4. Clean our personal environments – smudging and otherwise
  5. And make choices that contribute to the strength, health and well-being (Spirit, Mind and Body)
Taking responsibility for how we are showing in the middle of this chaos is empowering and with the utmost certainty, when we do, the better the chance for our communities, our countries and our world.
Whatever has brought fear and darkness into the lives of others can only be transformed with light. Who else is willing to shine brighter?
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