The Rise! with Bonnie Wirth

monthly membership calls

Whether you are looking to further your spiritual development, manifest your dreams, grow your business or enhance life in any way, Bonnie’s monthly member call – The Rise is your opportunity to expand your intentions within a community embedded in unconditional love.

With a theme every month, Bonnie is hosting these online calls for individuals who are looking to live more authentically, intentional and focused.   Bonnie shares messages from spirit and channelled guidance for the group, universal teachings, facilitates deep transformational shifts, meditations, supports you to further develop your unique gifts and more.  These calls are your chance to connect with Bonnie, ask questions, stay connected and interact with the a like-minded group.

The Rise membership calls are ideal for anyone who is looking shift through the challenges of ego, expand and shine up their spiritual journey – keeping members aligned with who they are, navigating universal energies and change with greater ease and joy than ever before.

 grow deeper in connection with Spirit, as a person and in commitment to your path and purpose

Wednesdays, 2019

May 1 • June 5 • July 3 • August 7 • September 4 • October 2 • November 6 • December 4

10:00a.m. – 11:00a.m. MT
All calls for members are hosted via zoom allowing you to attend from the comfort of your home computer or phone like a conference call. All calls are recorded! Access links to these audio files will be emailed to you for easy download.

learn, rise, love and shine

Information to connect with the monthly call will be emailed to you directly.

With a continual subscription, you can cancel anytime and manage your subscription through your PayPal account.

The Monthly plan ($75 plus gst) is billed each month and the Bundle  plan ($497.00  plus gst) is billed once.

There are no refunds on purchases on either membership plans.  Monthly Membership fees are auto-renewing until you cancel or after 8-calls, which ever comes first.

Monthly Drop-In


$75.00 (plus $3.75 gst) = $78.75

Bundle It and Save!

All 8 calls for only $62.00/month

$497.00 (plus $24.97 gst) = $521.85

“For years I have studied spirituality. Rarely does someone show up who is a teacher well schooled  and informed,   a medium, healer and a friend  who is light, sparkly and funny and runs equally deep, profound and tender.  That would be Bonnie Wirth who I adore!   I have yet to meet anyone who has the powerful gifts that she has with such grace and ease at the drop of a hat.  Bonnie is comfortable in the dark and equally able to dance in the light. Bonnie provides a means to heal whatever you are carrying.  I would take her class in a second and that is why I am endorsing all of her work.” 

Debra Silverman



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