Spirited Away

Advanced Master Mediumship Certification

Mediumship is constantly evolving and expanding and so are you! Through this 3-day advanced master mediumship workshop combined with (10) months continued online education and in-person meet-ups,  you will be inspired to reach your greatest potential in communicating with loved ones in the spirit world, heighten your connection and elevate the quality of your life and experiences with Spirit. You will go through intensive development and refinement of your mediumship skills with emphasis as to how to leverage your connection with Spirit to enhance wholeness, health and wellness in all areas of your life as a medium – personally and professionally.

This workshop is an exclusive opportunity for professional mediums who would like to take their mediumship skills, experience, and confidence to a deeper level.  It is solely designed for mediums who have already trained directly with me through either a personalized mediumship mentoring program, an in-depth weekend or online mediumship workshop or a previous mediumship retreat subsequent to September 2014. 

Stretch yourself and fine-tune your mediumistic abilities!

Program Launch

Lloydminster, AB/SK

October 13, 14 and 15, 2017    9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. daily

with (10) months of Live Online Continued Education Webinars!

Not only will you grow in confidence beyond your current experiences with Spirit, the collective wisdom that is realized will be nurtured and shared together through our group experiences creating a brilliant new vision of ourselves as mediums, our services and contributions in the world.

A Certificate in Advanced Master Mediumship will be provided to all participants who successfully complete this intensive program opportunity with me!

Enhance Your Life

Immerse yourself in mediumship! Through my NEW program “Spirited Away”, you will establish deeper connections to spirit and gain clarity about your unique purpose through advanced master teachings and techniques that will help you propel forward in your life as a medium and truly thrive. Through a combination of my life long education with Spirit and professional experience over the past nine years as a medium,  this will be an incredible program will take you on a journey of intensified self-discovery, personal healing and provide accuracy in connections as never before! 

Spirited Away is customized for advanced level mediums who have previously trained with me. We will delve even deeper into the foundational concepts and information previously shared with you.  This program will nurture and encourage you to take your mediumship to a new level.    You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone.  You will be taught advanced receiving techniques, how to take your mediumship into even greater service in the world and more importantly, learn how to fall forward into trust with yourself, the Universe and Spirit to help you improve every aspect of your life.

Build confidence in your abilities with the deeper aspects of mediumship and experiences that help you to provide continued healing to your clients through the profound nature of connecting with the Spirit realm and loved ones on the other side.  This advanced master spirit intensive program will provide plenty of hands-on mediumship reading exercises, in one-on-one and various group formats. You will gain clarity by learning to focus your power and receive all of Heaven’s support as you step onto your Soul-path aligning with your greatest potential and a truly magical and fulfilling life.

Strengthen your inner light so you can deliver Spirit-inspired messages with trust and confidence and cultivate a life of balance between worlds. Join me for an unforgettable life-altering program with Spirit  – among friends and the sacred community of your soul family.

Meditation      Chakra Alignment     Development Circles

Practical Experiential Exercises     Evolutionary Techniques     Energy Balancing    

Readings and Public Demonstrations

Your Investment

Program tuition is $1875.00 Canadian Funds plus 5% Goods and Services Tax.

Meals, accommodation and transportation not included.

Tuition is non-refundable and transferable; please ensure to review the Terms and Conditions.


Program Details

If you are willing to push yourself to a higher level in your connection with Spirit and elevate the quality of your mediumship readings as well thrive in your life, this program is for you!  Now that you have a solid foundation in the theory behind mediumship, you will now be lovingly pushed out of your comfort zone.

  • Refining, perfecting and validating evidence from Spirit to give concise accurate messages.
  • Creating and sustaining a consistent link with Spirit for rapid ,easy connections in service to others and to support greater happiness in your day-to-day life.
  • Go from conserving energy to accessing the Universal stream; come away from readings re-energized!
  • Extensive mediumship readings practice including one-on-one, small group, and stage mediumship format
  • Dealing with difficult entity attachments and earth-bound spirits with advanced healing techniques
  • Understand the unfoldment and changes in mediumship; blending with Spirit and “blind” connections.
  • Restore your Etheric, Auric and Physical Body; experience balancing and activation on all levels to become “Whole” the way you were intended to be.
  • Entrust the help of Spirit to expand your work in the world as you follow your passions and learn how to cooperatively create a life that is fulfilling for you on every level.

To launch this program, the group will meet in person for a 3-day workshop in Lloydminster where participants will have the opportunity to meet each other, do a mediumship foundation review,  extensive reading practice including one-on-one and small group as well as receive Alignment and Blessing to reactive the DNA strands to begin the energetic restoration of your Etheric, Auric and Physical Body,  and begin officially being our journey together in this advanced master program!

Following the launch, we will continue with regular online classes including home study and practicum assignments.

Dates and Times

Program Launch:  October 13, 14 and 15, 2017    9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. daily (MT)

Live Monthly Webinars: Thursdays, 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (MT)

  • November 2, 30, 2017           December 21, 2017          January 25, 2018          February 22, 2018        March 22, 2018
  • April 19, 2018           May 17, 2018           June 14, 2018            July 12, 2018        August 9, 2018

You can either attend online through your computer or by telephone like a conference call. All the call connection details will be shared no later than (1)-day prior the class. Commitment to attending each class is a requirement and guarantees your certificate upon completion. 

Optional 1-Day Group Meet-Ups: January, March and June 2018

  • Details, dates and location TBA
  • Additional cost /tuition applies

Optional Program Wind-up: 5-day Advanced Masters Retreat

  • Details, dates and location TBA
  • Additional cost /tuition applies


Program Launch:    Vivid Hair & Esthetics (upstairs) – 2602 50th Avenue, Lloydminster, AB

CLICK HERE for directions!


Live Webinars: via Zoom.

Download the application to your computer prior to the start of the class. All calls will be recorded and available for download for your records however please note that your participation and attendance is required every month.

Immerse into Mediumship!

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