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Are you Clairsentient?

From sensing the change of temperature in a room, to difficulty breathing, internal sensations such as pain and discomfort in the body, to breezes, energetic cobwebs, the touch of a hand or a soft caress across the cheek – this is Clairsentience.
The word clear is from the French word clair. Sentience comes from the Latin word sentire which means ‘to feel’. Clairsentience means clear feeling on a physical level.  It is often confused by clear feeling on an emotional level (clairempathy) or even intuition. Even though these are both about feeling, there are very distinct differences when it comes to spirit communication.
Someone who is clairsentient has a tendency to:
  • pinpoint and understand people’s pain accurately,
  • get goosebumps (holy showers) when they hear the truth,
  • develop unexplained rashes, breakouts, are nutritionally and environmentally sensitive,
  • experience increased heart rate, chest pain, sweating, shortness of breath, fatigue, flushing, and dizziness for no apparent reason.
Clairsentients experience the world through their form. Developing clairsentience requires you to connect with your body and be in your body. If you are like me, my head is in the clouds on a massive scale – it is not very helpful to the spirit world when I am just floating nor do I seem to be able to get anything done. When I am in my body it serves as an anchor.
Our body is a useful and accurate tool for spirit to use in translating their energetic messages. The information comes in a binary language – a flow or resistance of energy which produces a strong physical reaction. Our body works as an antenna that helps us identify the evidential impressions being received. It is very common for mediums to pick up the physical pain or experience a sensation of illness that someone in spirit may have endured in life or in their death. 

When we are in our body, the sensations we experience are as important as the vision we have. Very often, mediums neglect to consider the aches, pains and discomfort experienced in their body as messaging. They may also completely overlook their body and dismiss what they are experiencing all together. Those in spirit will sensationalize our own physical issues to get our attention as a way to provide further evidential messaging. Your back ache, is spirit saying they had back issues. Your knee issues, is spirit referencing they too had knee issues and so on.

  • pulsing or vibrating of organs,
  • tension or physical discomfort,
  • tingling or heat/cold,
  • feeling someone touch their shoulder, hand or movement of hair
  • the temperature from one side of the body to the other
The best way to develop your clairsentience is to check in with yourself regularly. How do you feel? Any tension, aches or pains? Are you hungry? Thirsty? Take care. Some other easy ways are:
  1. Develop a conscious body awareness or a mindful body meditation practice,
  2. Stop throughout the day and focus on from what is going on internally and externally in the world around you; the inner and outer energy. 
  3. Honour your body by developing healthy lifestyle habits; hydration, nutrition, exercise,
  4. Massage your hands, legs gently feeling what it feels like to touch and to be touched,
  5. Go for regular massages, nurture your body with spa treatments,
  6. Familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the body as this is very helpful in further understanding the impressions received from the spirit realm through the body.
The next time you do a reading for someone, consider everything including what is going on in your body.

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