Spirit Clique

Mediumship Development Circle

Spirit Clique Definition:  A small group of people, with shared interests or other features in common, who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them….  unless they are woo woo too.

Online Development Circle

Development is all about advancing from looking to seeing, from hearing to listening and from believing to knowing. Mediumship is an art and requires practice to develop fully.

In this circle, we will explore a variety of areas through class discussion, sharing experiences  and practicing exercises that provoke your abilities and enhance your mediumship abilities.

I provide assistance and guidance to the group improve upon your spiritual communication, from  interpretation and delivery, different techniques and tips, q & a opportunities, to understanding sensations, colours, symbols, feelings etc. with all the support in a heart-centered group.

This is your opportunity to grow in confidence through validating experiences in a very sacred circle among people who truly 'get you'.

I love supporting other mediums in their development! I hope to have the chance to do the same for you and would be thrilled to have you join me in Spirit Clique!

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“Every good instrumentalist has to know his instrument, the feel of it, and this can only come through usage and experience. It is just the same with mediumship” – Harry Edwards

Why Join?

Practice is the only way to become proficiently skilled in spirit communication and making a commitment to practice is essential!

One of the greatest challenges for many of my students diving into their mediumship journey is to find people who they can practice with.  People who understand the doubt and insecurity. People who are not emotionally invested in the reading; those who can simply hold space for them to learn and grow. Somewhere to practice. Some one to  help them understand the impressions they are receiving from spirit. A safe place and community of support.

This is where Spirit Clique comes in!

Discover new ways, other ways, and fun ways to engage with the spirit realm with me as you mentor and guide through this online membership circle!

Join the live monthly call with fellow mediums to dive deeper into the current month’s theme – opportunity for practice, continued learning and acquiring valuable development exercises to further enhance your spiritual experiences.


Light, Wisdom and a whole lot of Fun!

There are no refunds once your transaction has been processed. 

We offer collaborative interactive experiences for Bonnie's students and clients.  Our commitments are non-refundable, therefore AcadSS Consulting Ltd. is not able to refund your investment to Spirit Clique once purchased.

Development circles to support your consistent growth as a medium.

So sorry you missed this opportunity.

Spirit Clique is currently out of session. 

New dates for 2023 TBA

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