Personal 1:1 Reading

clarity, guidance, insight, inspiration, healing and more!  


Hello Sweet Friend!

There certainly are moments of uncertainty in all our lives.

We have relationship, career, finance, and health concerns to consider; worry and fear can sometimes overwhelm and consume us.

There are decisions to make in the midst of juggling family, work schedules, daily responsibilities, and all that life asks of us. It can feel like we have no where to turn for answers.

There are times when the challenges in life weigh upon our heart, especially when we loose someone we love. Death is the most difficult of experiences to navigate and we can struggle to find acceptance or even regain a sense of peace and happiness in our life.

My Soul'spiration sessions offer you an opening to the other side and the chance to get the information you need to better your day to day life. They  bring peace of mind in making decisions, give you strength to move forward, and provide you with a a renewed sense of hope and purpose no matter your journey.

I would be honoured to inspire your Soul!




These sessions present an opportunity for your personal reading with Bonnie.

An investment in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wholeness and wellness. Offering you:

✓ insight, and clarity

✓ guidance and encouragement

✓ comfort and healing

✓ inspired action steps

✓ clear direction for your highest path

These personal 1:1 sessions with me always fill up quickly!

Supporting You to Live Your Best Life!

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Once received, our office will contact you via the email address used with the transaction to coordinate the date and time of your reading.

$375.00 Canadian Funds

(plus 5% goods & services tax)


Sessions for 2023 will open for booking in November, 

please check back.


What to expect

There are a limited number of these private sessions available every month. These sessions fill up quickly!

Bonnie considers every reading sacred. Your time together is held in the utmost of confidentiality to honour your journey.

Although she cannot promise who will come through during your time together, she does guarantee you will receive what is in your heart’s greatest asking.

How it works

Every reading involves the interplay of three distinct frequencies: hers, those on the other side, and yours.

Bonnie asks that you please come to your reading with an open mind and heart.

In honouring of the grieving process, Bonnie does not do mediumship readings within the first (3)-months following a loss.

Your Reading

Bonnie’s sessions are done virtually through Zoom.

You will receive a link once your session date /time has been confirmed.

  • Please be sure to log in a few minutes early to get comfortable and ensure technology is working for you.
  • Get in touch with our office should you need to reschedule your appointment. This can be done easily (and at no charge) with 24-hours notice.
  • Late arrivals do not extend beyond the allotted time frame. Late arrivals more than 15-minutes are considered 'no show'. Missed appointments are not refundable or transferable.


You will be given access to record your session locally through Zoom and save it for your records.

If you prefer for Bonnie send you a recording, a $10.00 fee will be charged.

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