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In the midst of juggling family, work schedules, daily responsibilities and all that life asks of us, it can feel like we have no where to turn for answers.

There are moments of uncertainty in life. There are decisions to make. Relationships, career, finances and health concerns to consider; worry and fear can sometimes overwhelm and consume us.

Losing someone we love can be the most difficult experience to navigate and it can feel like we must overcome great hurdles to regain a sense of happiness.

Bonnie provides a channel between Heaven and Earth relaying messages that provide you with information to better enhance your day to day life, a sense of relief as you move forward, peace of mind in your decisions and a renewed sense of purpose. These sessions are an investment in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wholeness and wellness.

Whatever the journey and in honour of you, Soul’spiration sessions present an opportunity for your personal reading with Bonnie.

These personal one to one sessions offer you the chance to receive:

  • insight and clarity into your life.
  • heart-felt guidance and encouragement in answer to your heart’s greatest asking.
  • comforting and healing messages.
  • inspired action steps and divine direction for your highest path.

There are a limited number of these private sessions available every month. Make sure to secure your reading as soon as possible.

These personal 1:1 sessions with Bonnie always fill up quickly!

Live Your Best Life

Clarity, guidance, inspired action, healing and more!

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Bonnie considers every reading sacred and they are held in the utmost of confidentiality. Although she cannot promise who will come through during your time together, she does guarantee you will receive what is in your heart’s greatest asking.

Every reading involves the interplay of three distinct frequencies: hers, that of the one(s) on the other side, and yours. So please come to your reading with an open mind and heart.

In-person readings are only offered when feasible. The majority of Bonnie’s sessions are done through Zoom. You will receive a link once your session date /time has been confirmed. Bonnie will call you at your scheduled time.

Your certification qualifies you for a savings of $145 off public rate!

Session Fee: $200.00 Canadian Funds (plus 5% gst) for (1)-hour reading

Secure your reading by completing the "BOOK NOW" payment transaction. → Once received, our office will contact you via the email address used with the transaction to coordinate the date and time of your reading.

Your reading will be recorded for you and you will be provided with an MP3 audio recording of your reading via email within 24-72 hours your session.

Due to the high demand of requests for 1:1 readings with Bonnie, sessions must be pre-paid. Please anticipate a waiting period of approx. 2-3 months before your reading takes place. 

Payments may also be submitted by e-transfer to:

** A SPECIAL NOTE **  After any loss, Bonnie honours the grief process and does not do any readings with anyone within the first 3 months of losing a loved one.

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