Monthly Group Coaching for the Soulful Entrepreneur

An unconventional approach for the ambitious, creative, sensitive, and wildly woo


"You are the goal. You are the answer.  You are the power.  It is never outside of you"  Eckhart Tolle

Dear Ambitious, Creative, Sensitive, and Wildly Woo Soulful Entrepreneur,

When I first started my business, I was clueless! I knew nothing about being an entrepreneur. I did not have any formal business education or training, nor did I have anyone that I could turn to when things got tough.

I had quit my day-job and was literally flying by the seat of my pants to follow a deep, unexplainable call. I started my business with nothing and I did not have a Plan-B (and I still don't to this day).  I've made so many mistakes. I've wasted time, energy and money. I've racked up credit card debt and was tempted to throw in the towel more times than I can count. I never had a business mentor, a loan or an investor. And in spite of, well, everything, and in the most unconventional way,  I've created a wildly successful, 6-figure soulfully fulfilling business.

I care about you and your higher purpose. I know how challenging it can be to give breath to your business goals in answer to the undeniable push of you feel deep inside. It is because of this, and all the times I fell flat, I can help you up-level your business, your strategy and yes, your soul.

So sweet friend, I am inviting you to meet with me! To join an amazing group of soulful entrepreneurs and expand your business beyond what you thought possible - your purpose is calling and I can help!

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We’re all being called forward right now, and soulful entrepreneurs know there’s no “going back to normal” anymore.

An online, group business mentoring opportunity to take what is on your heart, expand the possibilities and grow your business in a way that best honours your call to serve.

✓ a co-creative approach with inspired action steps towards your goals

✓ strategies that best support you, your business and your clients

✓ a confidential, safe, and sacred space

✓ business meetings with a compassionate, encouraging, inspiring, and supportive group of like-hearted souls

✓ gain clarity, insight, and collaborate with your business guides

✓ decode and over-come limiting patterns, and gain confidence

✓ discover the value and assets of your sensitivity and intuition

✓ manage the energy of your business, establish your offerings and set prices with ease

✓ break-up with fear, heal, transform and awaken to a greater sense of purpose for your business



Invaluable Support

Give your business wings


Online & On the Go

Live Webinars: via Zoom.

All calls will be recorded and available for download 24-72 hours following our call

Live Access to Bonnie

60-minute soulful meetings to check in, remain steadfast and focused, receive healing downloads, activate intentions, Q&A, get tips, advice, action plans and guidance.

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Where business meets soul purpose!

$398.00 (plus 5% gst) = $417.90

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