Solitude and Me

I consider myself a pretty social person, but I’ll admit I really, truly need my “me” time – time away from everyone and most everything including my laptop and phone!  I literally hit my threshold a few weeks ago – slipping into an irritable, less than patient version of myself.
My guidance has been to “retreat” and even though I heard it over and over and over, my schedule just did not agree with the Universe! Sometimes it seems that Spirit has no clue how this world works!
I FINALLY was able to create a little get-away, nature-love adventure for myself this past week and wholly boom-shakalaka, a week in the woods with my husband camped by the river was the answer to my crazy bitch! Okay, so maybe…. Spirit knows more than I do after all.
So much of modern life unfolds within our heads – we think a lot (says the Gemini), processing the events of our days, or worrying about the next one. So “unplugged from the world” I spent hours watching the downstream of the river, enjoyed empty moments basking in the sun, was entertained by the chipmunks (not so much the snakes…) and just sat in awe for nature.
“The best thinking has been done in solitude.” 
– Thomas A. Edison
I used this alone time to process my relationships, re-calibrate my sense of self and snag a little clarity on life’s bigger issues. I had the chance to listen to my own thoughts and connect deeply within during these days. I meditated and prayed, wrote, read, chatted with Heaven and did yoga with the squirrels. I reflected on the past few months, processed a few things that had been weighing on my heart and what they have meant for me  AND OF COURSE with my husband along, I also enjoyed long walks, great conversations, yummy meals (so grateful for his BBQ culinary camping skills) and love. The sights, sounds, smells and beauty all around brought my attention right into the present moment – allowing me to experience  “being” rather than “doing” in greater capacity.
Not only was this time of solitude very healing and soothing, I received some crazy beautiful guidance that has me embarking on a bit of a spiritual pilgrimage – of sorts – for the next 40 days. Now I would LOVE to share the details with you however I am not really sure of them myself… I can tell you that every day has me in moments of solitude, nature and prayer.  I asked for clarity on the process only to be answered with “Bonnie, you are the process”. 
Solitude reminds us of what is essential for our Soulful authentic self to shine. In solitude, we return to center where love can simply breathe us.
I invite you to create some opportunities in your life for alone time, solitude IS a blessing –
  • It inspires deeper deliberation and allows for the perception of more subtle sentiment 
  • It provides the opportunity to listen to the whispers of Spirit. 
  • It gives us the chance to take inventory – what we desire to Be, Do and Have 
  • To hear the messages that come through the ethers and from deep within our Soul allowing us to hone in on what is vital to our well-being and what steps to take forward on our journey
“Solitude is the great teacher, and to learn its lessons you must pay attention to it.”
– Deepak Chopra
  1.  How will you seek out solitude for yourself?
  2.  What would those hours/days mean for you?
  3.  Are you ready and willing to take your spiritual growth and evolution to the next place?
Solitude may just be the answer! Trust a girl who has been there, done that and come out shining – renewed, revitalized, ready and willing – answering the call from within.