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It is with a humble heart that I express my gratitude for the opportunity to receive such generous praise from my clients. I am truly blessed.  I am so very grateful. Thank you! ♥ B


"Bonnie Wirth is one of the most genuine, compassionate and talented women I have ever studied with. She has a true gift of being able to hold space and connect with her clients/students in a grounded way. Bonnie has helped me heal my relationship with myself and my loved ones on the other side. She has given me peace of mind and healing I never knew I needed! I am in awe at how well she balances both worlds. I am forever grateful for my relationship with Bonnie."

Amy - FL USA

Director, Eight Limbs Yoga

“If you are wanting to be a medium or seeking to hone in your mediumship abilities, look no further. You are in excellent hands with Bonnie as her gifts are divinely aligned. I have taken other mediumship courses over the years and nothing comes close to how amazing this program is. It will open your mind not only to the subject matter, but to your divine souls purpose. Bonnies courses create an educational, nurturing and safe environment with no ego. All her lessons are taught with the highest integrity and reverence. I recommend  Bonnie wholeheartedly."

Michelle - NH, USA

Intuituve Energy Practitioner


"Being deeply grateful for Bonnie's gorgeous guidance, empathy and fabulous training skills helping me to remember some of my ancient abilities, freeing me from blockages and teaching me new skills to consciously connect and work with spirit, I can highly recommend her mediumship training!
Her warm presence heartened me to open p, be courageous and trust to enter into this field consciously. The structure she gave me supported my understanding of what I was doing by intuition and the space she held eased me into every training session with lots of joy and humour!
My mediumship training with Bonnie initiated a mayor shift in my life and I am very much looking forward to deepening my connection to spirit with her in the future!"
Janina – Hamburg, Germany



Taking this class with Bonnie was & continues to be the most beautiful of journeys! I had "secretly" always wanted to explore mediumship, and I wholeheartedly recommend that if you share this dream that you work with her! Bonnie's authentically heart-based, highly-skilled ways shine through every part of this experience. Her offerings of wise, encouraging support transformed my fears to a sense of awe and wonderment at how the universe works. This class supplies so much information, opportunities to practice, feedback on one's development and more! I would so very highly recommend this class to anyone at all interested in exploring and developing their mediumship abilities. From my heart to yours, Bonnie ~Thank you!!

Kathy - California, USA


I look forward to every interaction with her! Each session we laugh, cry, and get to deep topics. I leave sessions with Bonnie feeling inspired and enlightened. She understands me, and is able to articulate my needs and concerns better than I can myself! Bonnie has taught me so much and explains concepts in a digestible way. She is always prompt, accountable and easily accessible when needed. Bonnie is an outstanding teacher/mentor/coach that anyone can rely on!

Kendra – AB, Canada



I am so thrilled that I chose to complete level one of the Spiritual Art of Mediumship. Taking this training with Bonnie has had such a positive impact on me in many ways (some expected and some unexpected). The information was very thorough and comprehensive and presented in a way that helped me to integrate it well. I feel very familiar with mediumship as a result of this training and know that my abilities will develop more as I continue to practice and grow with her community. I feel like this training has deeply impacted me on a spiritual level and has helped me to feel more expansive, empathic and receptive. Thank you Bonnie! I would highly recommend this training to anyone.

Christina - BC, Canada


“Bonnie Wirth is an AMAZING teacher, medium and psychic! I have been blessed three times to take part in her workshops and they are life-changing! Bonnie is heart-centered and everything she does and says comes directly from her magnificent loving heart. I have seen her open up people who are closed and transform scared and wounded people right before my eyes. It is joyous to watch people let go of their baggage and move forward with their spiritual journey. She is so smart and knowledgeable and is more than willing to share her wisdom and tools with her clients and audience. I witnessed an entire audience tap into mediumship abilities they were unaware they possessed. She is an open book and is eager to share her personal spiritual journey and transformation with humor and joy. As far as her gifts to connect with deceased loved ones and spirits, she has to be one of the best on the planet today. I love Bonnie and you will too. You won’t be able to help it!”


Nanci – WA, USA

Intuitive Healer, Psychic Reader and Medium - Nanci Drew Intuitive Healer

“My name is Michelle and I completed the mentorship program with Bonnie in fall 2016 after doing a 1 on 1 personal session with her. I knew after my session that Bonnie was someone I was meant to work with and learn from. I had no agenda going into the Mentorship Program and trusted that it would be exactly what it was meant to be…and it was so much more than I could even have imagined! Week after week was an adventure in personal healing, development, and empowerment. I would leave each session feeling amazing and couldn’t wait for the next one to come! The work I did with Bonnie elevated the work I was currently doing with my own clients in my healing practice and I was able to apply what I was learning at every step along the way. It’s hard to even describe what we did, exactly, because each session was so unique and yet so perfectly tailored to exactly what I needed at that moment. I loved my time with Bonnie and I look forward to working with her again in the future!
Michelle – AB, Canada

“Hi there, my name is Tina Kenyon and I have had the pleasure of being mentored by Bonnie Wirth.  I started my spiritual journey about 4 years ago dabbling in some physic development and mediumship courses.   I actually enrolled and took classes with 2 other teachers whom also mentor.    I must say my experience with Bonnie was superior I enjoyed the 1 on 1 training and smaller intimate classes where I was given more opportunities to speak and ask questions I learn the best when I am hands on.  I loved that I felt comfortable to ask questions and she took time to answer.  I love that she practices what she preaches and I loved that she made me feel comfortable and important.  I also loved that she didn’t break my pocket book either. Bonnie is an excellent instructor and mentor; she is kind and compassionate and is in this business to help others and that I love.  Thank you for being you and being my friend B you the best! Love you girl! Skies the limit for you!”


Tina – AB, Canada


“I had such a wonderful experience at Bonnie’s retreat! Bonnie connected with my grandmother and was spot on in describing her. I can feel the ripple effect of attending her conference and have found myself more than once quoting things she said during our time together. She is a true original and a loving unifier of people. I have made lifelong friends and would highly recommend this experience to anyone considering attending an event like this in the future.”

Monica - WA, USA

“Bonnie is amazing! She was able to assist me to slowly unveil the amazing things in my life. Like a cocoon, slowly breaking through, a nudging ever so gently to recognize my gifts and yet still, uncover more great things to be had. Positive energy through and through! She helped me to see every experience in a new light. She has encouraged me with confidence, inspiration and her wonderful sense of humor!”

Pamela – SK, Canada

Holistic Health Coach - Refresh-Refresh-Renew

“Bonnie is an extremely gifted psychic medium and I am so grateful and blessed for the reading/session we had a couple of weeks ago.  As soon as she opened the energy, unconditional love came pouring in.   Bonnie brings a space of love and nurturing and she is extremely accurate in her ability to tune in and know exactly what is needed.  Everything I needed and wanted to know was addressed without me really having to ask.   She was able to clear all my confusion and overwhelm and bring in clarity, ease and joy.  I feel lighter and full of joy and excitement! Thank you , Bonnie!”
Kelly - WA, USA

“The seven weeks I spent with Bonnie was exactly what was meant to be and what helped me cross the threshold into a confident, compassionate and patient light worker. The experience was epic and I know this is just the beginning. We literally reprogrammed my mind, body and soul from a place of support, love, and compassion from Spirit so that I may serve in the highest and best good for me, my family and my clients. I have been able to fully accept my gifts as a Modern Day Medicine Woman, healer, astrologer and light worker with more confidence and empowerment than I could have ever imagined. Thank you from the depths of my heart! I could not have done it without the wisdom and love from Bonnie and her own connection to Source.”

Jenn - VA, USA

Modern Woman’s Guide - Personal Wellness Revolution

“Without ever meeting Bonnie in person I knew she was the mentor for me. Her authenticity and integrity as a leader and mentor were what I had been searching a very long time for! I had the pleasure of working with Bonnie over a few months to rebuild my mediumship skills and heal some personal wounds. In those 7 sessions I was (for the 1st time) able to trust on a very deep level. We laughed, we cried (ok maybe I cried) and we literally squealed with joy of how the universe presented such love to us! She took me through an atonement journey that absolutely blew my mind. As a healer myself, that process was something that made me say, “finally something that worked on me”. Over the next couple weeks, after the healing process, the clarity I felt about who I was came in with amazing results! I would recommend Bonnie to absolutely everyone! She is a beautiful soul and mentor. I am deeply grateful that she shines so bright!”


Paula - SK, Canada

Intuitive Healer and Coach - Orchid Awakenings

“Bonnie, this is what you do. This girl. in a previous topsy turvy world is now able to healthfully work through her mental limitations, get to the bottom of her broken belief systems, even through the tears and the pain of it. You have taught me to flip the situation and focus on the story that I want to play out. My husband and I are communicating well and how quickly we can get back on the same page after disagreements. I am now open for every new and positive possibility that will bring me to the best life path.  AND the reason is YOU! Although you can’t necessarily see your work in action all the time – you make lasting positive impacts. I am so thankful.”

Victoria - SK, Canada

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