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“I honour the Magnificence in you. I  honour the place in your heart where lives your courage, love, hopes and dreams.
 I honour the place in you where, if you are at that place in you and I am at that place in me, there is only ONE of us.”

Tashi Deley – Tibetan Greeting.

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You may or may not know this about me, but I am a survivor of complex trauma and PTSD. I know first hand the impact that trauma can have on your mind, body, and spirit, on how you view yourself, what you believe you are worthy of, or what you can fathom is even possible for your life.

When you have been traumatized, there is a real loss of innocence. There is a loss of being able to enjoy life and it can make it nearly impossible to believe you are worthy of anything more. With trauma, there is always a perception on unworthiness, not-enoughness, and for many people (myself included), trauma makes it hard to feel safe in the world or even safely imagine anything different for yourself whether you believe you are worthy or not.

  • I used to feel like there was something was “wrong”; that I was unlovable and broken

  • I pretended to have it all together on the outside, but felt extremely empty, hopeless, or discontented on the inside.

  • Negative emotions felt intense, and overwhelming.

  • I struggled with anxiety, depression, dissociation, or panic attacks.

  • I had difficulty setting and holding boundaries, often neglecting my own needs to please others.

  • The trauma of my past kept me feeling stuck in survival mode and living on auto-pilot, hypervigilant, and uncertain as to how to move forward in my life.

Can you relate?

if so, then perhaps a personal retreat is exactly what you need; a soulful experience which restores emotional balance, and empowers you to the core.




Downtown Edmonton Sunset Rooftop Couples Session

Resilience after trauma... a truly holistic approach to recovery


A retreat that is all about you

And it should be! I design a transformational experience specific to what your heart needs most; a customized 1-day or 2-day event that honours all you have been through and all that you are.

These retreats provide the perfect opportunity to unravel the wounds of the past. They take you on a journey deep into the heart of the matter – the storyline, the trauma and karma of your experiences.

Together, we observe your life light up with new potentials and possibilities as we release the barriers that have been blocking you from living the life you truly desire.

We start out by clarifying your intentions through a consultation prior to your retreat to ensure I know how best to support you in healing, growth, and renewal – mind, body, and spirit.

The Mind

Trauma forever changes our perception - it rewires the brain. It hijacks our cognitive functions increasing states of anxiety, fear and hypervigilance. It dampens our response to ourselves, to pleasure, sensuality, excitement and connection - all the deep feeling at our core. We work together to create new patterns to shift from surviving to thriving.

The Body

Trauma is also stored in the cells of our body impacting the body's basic functions and nervous systems making it difficult to fully engage in life. When triggered, unintegrated images, sensations, thoughts, smells, and sounds of the cellular memory can be almost unbearable. Finding safety and presence in our body is crucial and discovering how to calming our nervous system when its become overactivated and dysregulated from trauma is must. I will show you how.

The Spirit

We are all born with a unique soul path that’s often conditioned out of us. To live an authentic life aligned with who we truly are, we must unlearn who we needed to become to receive love, belonging, and simply survive. This is the journey of remembering, nurturing, reclaiming, and aligning to who we were meant to be before these terrible things happened.

Participating in a therapeutic process has been an important part of my life for many years not only during times of crisis, but also out of interest and belief that we never stop growing and evolving. For most of my life, I turned to western psychotherapy. Recently, however, I was looking for something more. I felt within me, the old narratives and belief systems that blocked further growth were not clearing out. I decided to consult with Bonnie Wirth as she is known for her transformational healing, guidance and support. I met Bonnie through Debra Silverman and knew her work more directly through my best friend.

When I connected with Bonnie for our first our phone consultation, she immediately suggested doing an intensive weekend where we could do a deep dive into the issues that I wanted to work through. How right she was! It was a mind-blowing and profoundly healing weekend. Bonnie is a beautiful person and she is extremely gifted. She guided me through the process with love and warmth, and I felt a trust in her that I could sink into. She shared spiritual messages with me that were deeply healing. She cleared belief systems that were no longer serving me so I could begin to write a new story. I now continue coaching with Bonnie monthly.

I highly recommend Bonnie as a spiritual teacher and I highly recommend her intensive weekends to truly immerse yourself in your growth.

Eleanor McCain, Toronto ON
Singer and Recording Artist

“I spent the most wonderful days full of reflection and enlightenment with the beautiful and joy filled Bonnie Wirth when I attended her 2-Day Personal (One-On-One) Private Retreat. I wasn’t sure why I felt compelled to go and I certainly didn’t know what I was looking for, but I found exactly what I needed. Bonnie can easily tune herself into finding out what you need and can provide you with the tools you need to pause, to reflect and to tune into your own soul to find all of the answers you are seeking. I found the retreat to be relaxed and Bonnie to be a comfortable companion to spend 2 full, emotional days with! I am blessed to have found such a wonderful and talented teacher, adviser, colleague and friend.” 

Diane – AB, Canada

The time we spend together is important to me.

I offer sanctuary in my home or if it is easier for you, I can always travel to you or we can coordinate a location that works best which offers you an "ultimate retreat experience".

** Online Option available.

Let’s set up date and time for us to talk more about your personal retreat.

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