with Bonnie Wirth

Surround yourself with like-minded, amazing women and escape to an exceptional experience that opens the door to a more joyful, authentic life… a life more in alignment with your unique gifts and highest ideals! Designed to reset your modern day living rhythms to bring ease and flow to all areas of life, SHE’scape will support you with deepening the relationship with yourself so you are able to truly step into your radiance; created to reconnect the mind, body and spirit into one magnificent whole. Enjoy some sacred time away with Soul-sisters; time which allows for spiritual growth as you focus forward on purpose in the secluded sanctuary of this breathtaking ocean-front retreat location – the ideal backdrop for personal growth, transformation, and fun! Be prepared to dive deep, learn, laugh, cry, soak up the sun and make heart-connections of a lifetime as you refresh your spirit, re-energize your body and ignite your mind in one of the most inspiring, beautiful places on earth.

Escape for a week full of sisterhood, spirituality, and love!

Cancun, Mexico

November 13-19, 2018

SHE’scape is guaranteed to reveal your truest Divine nature, your most radiant, shining self.

Nurture Nourish Thrive

Learning to love ourselves is a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual journey. SHE’scape provides the perfect mix of personal solitude, offering total relaxation and decompression, interactive and enlightening group sessions.  It also involves activities of mindful practices to provide you with the opportunity for self-discovery, healing, clarity, reflection, meditation and prayerfulness to create a Soul-full adventure.  SHE’scape will spark your passion and empower you to create a more satisfying existence to live your very best.

The Heaven’s invite us to follow heart-action and flow. It asks us to be within continuous free-streaming energy, an energy which inspires, moves, shifts, vibrates, spirals, and evolves us in to greater purpose. One which cultivates the finest expression of who we are and utilizes all of our talents, abilities and know-how. A way of BEing that is in alignment with our highest potential and capabilities. One that is in alignment with our Soul.

We will be exploring ways to make ourselves better women and to help define our own individual spiritual journey by knowing our most authentic and Divine self; to rediscover our wholeness and holiness and the unique purpose of our Soul.

Together we will recharge, renew, take stock and recreate our greatest vision for our life by recognizing and honouring the new potential which is emerging from within each of us. SHE’scape will nurture and nourish the most important woman in your life – that being YOU!


Emerge with new resilience
that allows the true YOU to shine!
Your Investment

Retreat tuition is $2350.00 Canadian Funds plus 5% Goods and Services Tax. 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your registration. The balance owing is due on/before September 1, 2018.

  • (6)-nights / (7)-days shared accommodation included. Space is very limited – there are only ten spots available.(See location/accommodation for more information)
  • (6)-Breakfast, light snacks and (5)-dinner included November 14-18, 2018. Nourishing vegetarian menu offering organic foods, local market fresh vegetables and fruit. (May include chicken, fish, dairy products and eggs.)
  • Transportation to/from Cancun not included. Airport shuttle to/from Cancun airport to retreat location not included. See transportation for more information)

Tuition is non-refundable and transferable; please ensure to review the Terms and Conditions.

Program Details

The retreat takes places November 14, 15, 16,  17 and 18, 2018. Recommended travel dates are Nov. 13th and 19th. This ensures you have plenty of time to unwind before and after!

An online pre-retreat “Meet and Greet” is scheduled for Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 7:00 pm. MT. This provides the perfect opportunity to meet everyone who is attending as well answer your questions and go over a few final details before our trip.


Daily Schedule: Times below are approximate and subject to change based daily program /activities. 

  •   6:00 a.m. –   7:00 a.m. – Connect with Life
  •   7:00 a.m. –   9:30 a.m. – Breakfast /Free time
  •   9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. – Group Session
  • 11:30 a.m. –   2:00 p.m. – Lunch /Free Time
  •   2:00 p.m. –   4:30 p.m. – Group Session
  •   4:30 p.m. –   7:30 p.m. – Dinner /Free Time
  •   7:30 p.m. –   8:30 p.m. – Sacred Circle

A detailed agenda will be emailed to participants approximately 1-month prior to departure.


** Optional Group Activities: Each person is responsible for individual expenses.

Friday, November 16, 2018 – Group Excursion – More information to follow

Location and Accommodation
Private Seaside Home

 Puerto Morelos,  Mexico –  Located 25 minutes from Cancun


Enjoy your stay at this beautiful private fully renovated and modern Mexican home on the ocean. Nestled between the large cities of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Mexico and a 10 minute walk on the beach to the little Mexican fishing village, Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

This (4) bedroom /(4-1/2) Bath house provides all the amenities of home and is the perfect sanctuary for our time together.

Accommodation is based on shared (4) King size beds plus (2) Twins to maximum of 10 retreat attendees.

Private room is not available.

        Check In: November 13, 2018 –  3:00 p.m.        Check Out: November 19, 2018 – 12:00 p.m.                                                                                                          

                                             Enjoy the beach, ocean, sun decks, pool and more!


The retreat takes places November 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18, 2018. Recommended travel dates are Nov. 13 and 19th. This ensures you have plenty of time to unwind before and after!

  • Airfare and Ground Transportation (car rental /shuttle service) costs are not included in your tuition costs. Participants are responsible for airfare, transportation to/from Cancun as well as shuttle service to/from retreat location.
  • Shuttle service to retreat location can be coordinated through USA Transfers. CLICK HERE for more information.
  • Small fee may be applicable for shuttle service to optional excursion(s).

Join Me!

Indulge in spirituality, the sun, sand and ocean breeze!

Counting Down!









Yoga, Nia, Chakradance

Prayerfulness Practice

Development Circles


Community of Learners

Energy Balancing

Interactive Activities

Relaxation Fun

Peace Joy Love

Journey with a small group of like-minded Soul-purposed women!

  • Transform physical, mental and emotional states; healthfully engage with your ego to create new self-love habits at a greater spiritual level and learn to embrace all your emotions, judgments and thoughts.
  • Engage in spiritual practices to inspire, heal, and alleviate anxiety, depression, and burnout and empathic overload
  • Discover a deeper connection to who you are; Grow in confidence and step beyond your present limitations to embrace the gift of freedom to shine bright, beautiful and authentic
  • Develop a stronger relationship with Spirit, your Angels and Guides; Focus on Soul-purpose, passions and take proactive inspired action steps in achieving your dreams
  • Enjoy nature, enlightening conversation, nourishing food, experience heart-felt support and encouragement among a divine sisterhood and soul friends throughout the retreat.

“SHE’scape was so life-changing for me that it’s hard to put it into words. Bonnie was so sensitive to the needs of the group which I really appreciated. My intentions for the week were trust and surrender, develop my intuition more fully, and a clearer Vision for the future. Those intentions were met and exceeded!  I have come home with a much more open heart, a softness and love that I haven’t experienced perhaps ever, plus my Intuition or my ability to tune in and hear from Divine Spirit has been so heightened it overwhelms me at times. I am overwhelmed with love joy and gratefulness.”

Mary - Alberta, Canada

Early Booking Bonus Offer!

♥ Register before June 1, 2018 to qualify to receive a copy of my “Wholeness” meditation along with an authentic Mexican Blanket and qualify to win a FREE 1:1 session with me at SHE’scape!

Wholeness represents our most complete and natural state of authenticity.  This 4-part meditation takes you on a sacred journey that invites you into a deep connection with yourself and your purpose. Combining breath and Light, it balances and activates the physical, etheric and auric layers bringing healing and unity to the mind, body and spirit. Creating energetic flow, this meditation relaxes your mind, raises your vibration and sets the stage to access inner wisdom and gather insight from the Heaven’s. A Holy and Divine connection that honours your humanity and aligns you with your Highest Self; become “Whole” the way you were intended to be.

This is an authentic Mexican blanket is perfect for the beach!  **Patterns, colors and stitching may vary slightly due to handmade nature of this product.

  • Measures approximately 6’x4′
  • Acrylic/Polyester/Cotton Blend
  • Made in Mexico

She’scape was the most profound retreat I have ever been on. It brought a group of women together that all had a story to tell of there lives ups and downs. We sat together in a safe environment of loving others and our self. The healing I felt before I got to the retreat, to feeling it after as well. Bonnie made me feel comfortable in a way that if anything came up for me that I could talk to her about it. I loved the experience of seeing Mexico in an authentic way and the food was magnificent. I felt this has been the best retreat I have been to, for such a massive healing experience in my life. Thank You Bonnie! Love you with my whole heart and beyond.”

Melinda - Alberta, Canada

“SHE’scape a sacred time spent with other soul sisters that allowed us to focus on ourselves as women in the world today. I learned different techniques to raise my vibration in the world, as well as to be my best most radiant self. Surrounded by sun, sand and just the warmth in Mexico was like food for my soul.  I believe I found a little piece of myself that I didn’t know they were searching for; I returned home with a renewed sense of motivation to take on life’s challenges with Grace and a smile.   would highly recommend SHE’scape for anyone looking for a little affirmation, guidance, rest, peace and fun!”

Val - Alberta, Canada


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