The Reluctant Medium

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Are you afraid of people finding out that you are a medium? 

That your family and friends will disown and abandon you if you admit your gifts?  Or do you worry that people will think you have completely lost your marbles or gone of the deep end and are bat-shit crazy?

Are you afraid of the dark and petrified that something bad will happen if “dabble” in mediumship? Fear the devil, evil or that mediumship is not “of God”? Do you fear being possessed and having no free will or maybe losing your soul to the dark-side?

Or perhaps it is that you fear “getting things wrong”, not being a good enough medium or that in some way you could mislead or misguide someone and/or be called out for being a fraud? 

Seeing dead people every where is not a medium’s biggest fear – having to deal with Spirits plus all the drama that comes up can cause many mediums to hesitate in developing their gifts or following their call.

Whether it be one or all of the fears I have listed here or something different that comes up for you….. 

this FREE online Webinar is for you!

Friday,May 10, 2019
12:00 p.m. MT



We will discuss the psychology of fear, covering present and past-life influences and why it is that we respond as we do.

I will shed some light on how to over-come your fears as well as share in a healing circle to help you to shift through some of the fears that may be holding you back from being the medium you were born to be.

There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and you will receive a free recording of the webinar when you sign up.

This FREE webinar will be hosted via Zoom allowing you to attend from the comfort of your home computer or phone like a conference call.

Not able to make the Live Webinar? No worry what-so-ever. You will be provided with an access link to listen to at your convenience!