More Than Smudge; 4-Steps to a Space and Energy Clearing on Your New Home.

As corny as it sounds, to me, home is where the heart is. So moving houses is just another way in which I get to experience life - Elllen DeGeneres.

Moving into a new home is not only exciting, but it also symbolizes a fresh start and a new beginning – a brand new chapter in life. Moving is a job of its own, from packing to hauling moving boxes and furniture, to unpacking, organizing, and cleaning and cleaning some more. The whole process is thrilling and exhausting too.

Your home is where you need to feel most comfortable, it is your haven and the only place you can get away with not wearing pants. Many new homes (or a new to you home) come with lingering juju all their own; good, bad, and otherwise. It is not saying that the previous homeowners were terrible people, it just means the energy is theirs, beneficial to them and not necessarily beneficial to you, especially when you are an energy sensitive. The energy of your home needs to support you and even though you may not see the ‘dust and dirt’ of stress, anxiety, grief, anger, etc., but they do accumulate in even the best love-filled home.

That is why, in addition to all the grueling labour of your big move, it is equally important, if not even more so, to do a space and energy clearing on your new home. Clearing out the non-beneficial or toxic vibes will remove the negative, chaotic, and unhelpful energy from the previous occupants, builders, contractors, designers, real estate agents etc. By doing this it will make your space feel lighter, brighter, more positive, and expansive – basically, more comfortable for you to live and be in.

The most basic of ideas concerning a space and energy clearing is to clear out lower frequency energy, (what we often think of as ‘negative energy’) and bring in energies of a higher frequency, (what we might call good, positive juju).

A space and energy clearing is more than simply walking through your home with a burning sage stick.  Now although this is probably the most popular (and most ancient) approach, and this is certainly not meant to take away from the positive effect it can have, it does not necessarily stick. This can be more of a temporary fix when dealing with the residual energy of the previous homeowners.

The key for your new home, is to not only clear out the negative energy but to replace it with a higher vibing imprint of energy like unconditional love, joy, peace, health, prosperity, abundance and more – something that will support your well-being, something that you prefer to experience in your own home.  Out with the bad, in with the good. Most people, when doing a space and energy clearing on their home, only smudge. This creates a pocket or void in the home, like a blank space for the unwanted energy to return.  Filling the void with a higher vibe imprint ensures that this does not happen.

A sage stick (or palo santo/cedar) is commonly used to smudge a home or space. However, if you are like me and allergic, you can use your favorite incense, a blend of essential oils in a room diffuser or a smudge spray (like my GoOD Vibe Smudge Spray) as an alternative.

Below is a quick space and energy clearing technique to amp up the vibe in your new home.


          Step 1: Drop into your heart. This can be done by simply placing your left hand on your heart while you focus on your breathing. Say a prayer and/or set your intention.  Allow yourself to settle into a calm, relaxed state in order to be fully present for the clearing process.

          Step 2: Light your incense or sage stick, or grap hold of your smudge spray. Walk through your home carrying the incense or stick with you or spritz the spray around the permitter of the room (up, down, and around).

As you do this, ask: “I ask for the unhealthy, unnecessary and negative energy be released from this room now and in its place this room be filled with unconditional love (or whatever energy imprint you would like to have). Thank you, and So It Is, Amen. I am the Light, the Light I Am.

Take notice of how the room feels as you clear it. You may have a sensory experience, or you may just know it is done. Trust the intention of your words. As the Universal Law stipulates, ‘Ask and you shall receive”.

         Step 3: Move from room to room. Simply repeat Step 2 for each room of your house.

         Step 4: End in Gratitude. Gratitude seals the deal. With your hand on heart once again, say a prayer of gratitude to complete your clearing process. Give thanks for the assistance of your spirit guides and angels, for the items you used. Give thanks for the beauty of your home, the means to upkeep and care for it (financially and otherwise), for the shelter it provides you and the love available to you there.


I also suggest:

  • Opening the windows and all the doors throughout your house (this includes closets, kitchen, and entrance doors as negative energy loves to hide in chaos of our clutter) to escort the stagnant energy into the sun to be transmuted,
  • Ringing bells/chimes, clapping your hands or playing your favourite upbeat, positive music to help to break up stagnant energy,
  • Pay special attention to the mirrors in the home. Ask that everyone who looks into this mirror feel the unconditional love of the Creator, is given a glimpse of their divinity and that their reflection sparks words of love of self, appreciation of self and that they know their intricate value in the world,
  • Asking for a silver shower of light to be placed at every doorway to cleanse and release negative energy from those entering your home,
  • Invoking angels to stand guard around your home to protect and watch over you,
  • For the emanation of unconditional love to bless all those who enter your home or look towards it.


Once your initial ‘new home clearing’ is done, I recommend doing a thorough space and energy clearing at least once a year in your home, consider this a form of spring cleaning. If you are an energy sensitive, empathic in nature, a lightworker, healer, and/medium, space and energy clearings should be done on a regular basis. Ie. Once per week to once per month.


Other times when it is essential to clear the energy in your home are:

...... When you are in a funk. Negative energy may be contributing to your low emotional state. Bring in the energy of happiness, peace, and liberation.

...... If you or someone else has been sick or struggles with addiction. Illness and addiction carry negative energy which imprints into every nook and cranny. Bring in the imprint of health, recovery, and wellness to honour the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the individual.

...... Following the loss of a loved one whether through death or divorce. Clearing the grief and heartache associated with loss can help you healthfully process the many emotions that come with it. Bring in the energy of compassion, strength, and grace.

...... During a major life change such as a new baby or pet arriving, a new job or relationship. Clearing out the old stagnant creates space for the new energy they bring. Bring in the energy of unconditional love, joy, prosperity, and peace to support the arrival.

...... After an argument with your spouse or partner. Now that it is over, it is time to clear the air. Bring in the energy of unconditional love. Add in an extra dose of spiritual forgiveness.

...... When you are feeling stuck or cannot seem to decide what to do. Clearing out the old energy will help you more forward. Bring in the energy of clarity, abundance, and trust.


Your intention is everything sweet friend. Fill your new home with the energy that represets your best life and trust that it will come to be; your new home will thank you for it!

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