Spiritual Art of Mediumship

Personalized 1:1 Mentoring




As one of the leading teachers of mediumship, I combine my life long experience, knowledge, and education to teach the Universal and Divine Truths of Mediumship and show you how to easily identify your connection with Spirit to better enhance your life.  I have supported hundreds of people in the development of their psychic mediumship and healing abilities and many of my students are presently established as professional mediums and healers!

Many of the people who have chosen to work with me have suffered from panic attacks, anxiety, depression and unexplained pain, discomfort and illness and/or in fear for most of their life from their experiences with spirit. As a result of  self-discovery, healing and learning to cultivate a healthy relationship with the other-side through this mentoring program, these same individuals are at ease, peace, thriving and doing very well; healthy and happy – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

My mediumship mentoring program guides you to safely develop your mediumship abilities, to learn how to connect with angels, guides as well as loved ones in Spirit and healthfully integrate it into your daily life,  as well as heal from grief and loss and find new meaning and increase the quality of your life. As your own personal mentor I share my expertise and will guide you in the process of overcoming blocks and strengthening your natural gifts.

I invite you to delve into my intensive 8-hour foundational program of self-discovery through a safe, loved-filled environment to enhance your own unique abilities as you explore your connection to the Spirit world. Once the foundations has been set, together we can move forward with your specialized program of study to meet your personal needs based on what you would like to achieve in terms of development and professional aspirations!

My mentoring programs are highly interactive and provide the perfect opportunity to expand in knowledge, awareness and discover your mediumistic potential! If you are someone who requires personalized attention and instruction and are are serious about developing your mediumship and healing abilities, than this mentoring program is exactly what you are looking for.

You are a medium!

You were from the moment you thought you might be.

You were the moment your interest in the paranormal began.

You were from the second you picked up on the spirit world and weird things started happening around you.

You were simply being stirred to wake up and remember who you are.



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You will learn to understand and use your natural spiritual gifts to connect with the gentle and loving energy of Spirit. Whether you want to learn for your own benefit or if you are wanting to help others as a Medium, I will guide you in spiritual communication, help you to develop and take control of your abilities, and assist you in establishing safe and profound connections from the Light.

During our time together I will share my philosophy around what it means to be a medium, debunk some myths, help you to identify your psychic strength, understand your innate Soul senses and share exercises to validate your clear channel with Spirit. You will have an opportunity to practice your mediumship skills, receive accountability assignments, and your own individualized weekly lesson plan. I will be with you very step of the way, answering your questions and offering you my professional insight and encouraging support as you learn to rock communicating with the other side through my signature program.


All the signs have been pointing you in this direction and forward on a path of mediumship.
How do I know? Quite simply, because you are here!
I look forward to connecting with you (and spirit) soon! 

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