Making the Connection

Honouring Your Unique Calling

Step into a transformative mentoring experience designed just for you. This program is tailored to adapt to your unique journey, providing personalized guidance that resonates with your individual needs. 

Delve into the art.

live what you love, and what you love will fill your life with purpose, passion, and boundless potential

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the perfect next step on your journey

Through a variety of expanded exercises, you'll have abundant opportunity to hone your evidential mediumship skills, in ways unlike any other class.

This is your chance to embrace a mediumship journey of growth and discovery. I am here to help you overcome blocks, challenges, misbeliefs, doubts and uncertainty so that you can unleash the powerful medium that is inside of you.

With my support, you can step into your authentic self and become that remarkable medium you are destined to be.

Downtown Edmonton Sunset Rooftop Couples Session
Downtown Edmonton Sunset Rooftop Couples Session

1-on-1 direct mentoring

Together we will explore your immeasurable potential in the realm of your mediumistic abilities. We will delve into the depths of your challenges, providing a platform to navigate and overcome them. We will work to refine and enhance your evidential skills, allowing you to reach a new level of your own mastery.

Bring all your questions to to the table. Our partnership is dedicated to providing you with  personalized guidance, tailored instruction, and unwavering support to foster your growth and success in spiritual communication and propel you towards your personal and professional goals.


me and you and your spiritual team

Please reach out to my office to inquire about program availability,

We are committ3ed to finding a suitable dates and times that seamlessly align with both of our schedules, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience for us to work together.


(3) Session Package

$1,125.00 (Canadian Residents add gst)

(6) Session Package

$2,250.00 (Canadian Residents add gst)

(10) Session Package, SAVE $$$

$3,750.00 (Canadian Residents add gst)

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