The Sound of Silence; Developing Clairaudience

Are you Clairaudient?

The word clairaudience is German and means clear hearing. Clairaudience is hearing beyond the physical realm into the higher realms of consciousness. From hearing hear messages from loved ones in spirit (either yours or someone else’s), guidance from the angels, the wisdom of the ascended masters and the loving voice of God, the Creator of All That Is, the voice(s) can feel as if you are hearing them inside your head or outside of your head.
In other words, you may receive an outer (physical) sound or an inner (nonphysical) sound. An outer physical sound may present much like a human voice, pressure in the ear much like being underwater swimming, buzzing or humming sounds. Think of this ability as if tuning in to a radio station. Sometimes what a medium picks up in auditory can be a channel of static (with no real words exchanged), to that of another station where the reception is as clear as if you and I were talking on the phone. 
Regardless if you can make out exactly what the spirit world is saying or not, a clairaudient download will spark awareness of the message through another soul sense (a clairvoyant image, a claircognizant thought), to help you ‘make sense’ of what is being said. The spirit world has an amazing way of helping understand what they are trying to say. 
Some ways to tell if you are clairaudient are:
  • You tend to use phrases such as: ‘I hear you’, ‘I hear what you’re saying’,
  • You are sensitive to loud noises,
  • Your ear canal is often itchy or feels irritated, 
  • You experience pressure in your ears, as if being under water,
  • Music helps you connect,
  • You talk to animals inside your head.
Listen in silence because if your heart is full of other things, you cannot hear the voice of God
– Mother Theresa
 If energy had a sound, what would it be? The key to developing clairaudience is to become a better listener. It is about learning to quiet down the external influences of the world around you (physical world) in order to hear what the spirit world has to say; it is about learning to fall in love with silence. Many people get restless when their house is quiet and need noise to distract them or keep their mind occupied. When it comes to spirit communication, it is necessary to turn off the tunes, lower the volume on life, disconnect from the pings and pulls that cause distraction and allow stillness and silence to take over to hear what the spirit world has to say.
In order to sift through the layers of sonic information your are likely receiving, you need to be able to connect to a sense of silence or peace; to listen to sound of silence.
You will also find it helpful to:
  1. Listen closely to others when they are speaking to you instead of thinking about what you’re going to say next or looking at your phone,
  2. Be present, open, and receptive to what other people are saying without judgement,
  3. Listen to your breath flowing in and out when you are meditating,
  4. Stop throughout your day and take notice of  what you hear in the moment- from traffic noise, to voices, to birds singing, children laughing, your fridge humming, notice everything,
  5. Tune in to the sounds around you when you lay down to sleep at night or the sounds of nature when outside focusing on what noises you hear in the distance,
  6. Consciously listen to music, focus on hearing the lyrics and see if you can pick out the different instruments or how many people are singing,
  7. Take notice of the humming or buzzing in your ears. Say thank you for this. Gratitude helps to alleviate discomforts or the annoyance of what you experience, 
The more you practice listening to the sound of silence, it will become easier to discern who and what you are hearing. Making more time to connect with the spirit world will open doors to a more magical way of living by listening to the wisdom and the loving guidance of those on the other side.

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