Letting Go of Plans; Spiritual Surrender

“Be crumbled so wildflowers can come up where you are. You have been stony for too many years. Try something different. Surrender.” – Rumi

What a year 2020 was – the rumbles of change, discomfort and new birth. I am feeling very grateful for all the ways that my life and business has grown over the last year. Admittedly, I was not totally prepared for the kind of expansion that I experienced, from the changes that needed to happen to how fast they happened.
If 2020 has taught me anything it is that nothing goes as planned.
Just like many of you, I found myself having to adjust my course, questioning everything, making quick, guided ‘risky’ decisions and came away a little confused as to what the heck actually happened! It was an eventful year to say the least, a little wild and extremely transforming on the deepest levels. I came away with a brilliant team of people to support the growing needs of my business and community and at the same time, moving into 2021 feeling a little uncertain as to where to go from here.
Not uncertain from a ‘purpose’ perspective, that still remains very clear for me. And not uncertain from a being scared of change. God knows I have had enough hard knocks in learning to embrace it – I am at the place on my path where I actually welcome it. What I mean is that I have given up on making any plans at all.

Law of Attraction co-creation principles have value on setting intentions – it is an organized, structure approach albeit more for ego than for the Universe for the most part. This new year, I never set any intentions. I did not choose a theme word or area of my life I would like to focus on this year, nor have I really given any thought as to ‘what is next’ for me.
Sound strange? Maybe it is but I am moving into this new year from space of absolute surrender – releasing control. Surrendering does not mean I am giving up. It means I am going to keep doing ‘my work’ to shift through my blocks and personal limitiations.   I am letting go of the tireless effort, the plan, ceasing to resist, and embracing my inability to control how it is that I think or want things to turn out. Life is not meant to be micro-managed.

I guess you could say that uncertainty has more to do with allowing for the unknown; absolute willingness to serve without any preconceived notions.
Quite simply I am loosening my grip. I am letting go of my plans.

I am resting my faith completely in the Universe.

I beleive that sometimes when we are most uncertain or confused or disheartened, we shine the brightest because from the Universe’s perspective, we have finally arrived at the point of surrender. Not from a place of victimization but rather of grace where we can draw on the strength of our Higher Power.  

2020 invited me to lean into surrendering and so it goes, that I am surrendering to 2021.
Surrender is the spiritual practice that shifts the foundation of life, it brings the breakthrough – surrendering to a higher, deeper space of purpose and life itself.
Surrendering looks different for everyone and happens at different times and in different ways. It is the unclenching of ego – softening in response to what is uncontrollable. It is the antidote to stress, frustration, doubt and restlessness or not knowing our bigger purpose. It is consciously opening ourselves to grace, turning everything over to God, turning every situation over to the Universe. It is the art of detachment, the deliberate act of letting go of the control and choosing to look ahead in a conscious, heart-open, co-creative way.
Surrendering is only possible when we are willing to trust.
I trust that what is meant for me, will find me. All I am going to do is try to be as good of a person that I can be – to love more, to give more, to cherish those around me more. I am recommitting to helping others and surrendering what that even looks like. I trust the Universe to bring the people I am meant to serve and how I am meant to serve. I will try my best, do my best and leave the rest in God’s hands.
Surrender = Acceptance of what is + Faith that even without my two cents, everything is going according to a divine and magnificent plan.
The true art of surrendering is letting go of what we cannot hold.
“If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you it is yours. If is doesn’t, it never was”. According to ancient wisdom and traditions, enlightenment happens the moment we are willing to let go. And as tough as it can be for me, sometimes giving up proves to be the greatest gift I can give myself. Giving up is not defeating. It is giving in to the Universe.  Letting of my grip on what no longer serves naturally make space for what is destined to find its way to me. The aha moment where I realize I was never in control in the first place.
The energy of surrender accomplishes so much more than the energy of control. In surrender there is a sense of calm, we breathe easier and tend to be more relaxed…  with less stress, worry or fear getting in the way. The energy of surrender expresses willingness, readiness and an openness to possibiliites and purpose. It makes space for our soul to take lead. This is the energy of magic, it holds are most heartfelt intention without having to force anything, nurturing us into fullness.
Einstien once said the most important decision we make is whether the Universe is friendly or hostile. I tend to believe in a friendly Universe – one that has my back and fully supporting me. Surrendering allows the Universe to do this in the most beneficial and signigicant way, without my ideals getting in the way.
Regardless of whether you choose to surrender or carry on with setting intentions for 2021, be sure to:

Make time for you, do what feeds your soul,

Make your well-being a top priority,

Play often, let your inner child have some fun,

Be kind to yourself (and others),

Laugh often, 

Give yourself permission to be who you are,

Take risks, do the things that scare and excite you at the same time,

Hang out with people who elevate you, 

Love your life and the people you get to love in this lifetime,

 And anything else that feels expansive to you, do that more often!

May the Light shine for all of us, brighter and more majestically, in 2021 and many more years to come.
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