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Bonnie Wirth

is a captivating and energetic keynote speaker with an engaging and unique point of view.

Expert on emotional resiliency, trauma recovery, holistic health, personal development, women in business, and motivation.




Mastering Resilience, Becoming Whole

Trauma highjacks your sense of well-being and true purpose. Life altering events create a disconnect with everyone and everything. This ultimately holds you back from feeling at peace with your past and truly enjoying life.

Through a deep, compelling story of enduring strength Bonnie delivers a message of hope and inspiration. Sharing her personal journey overcoming complex trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and the mental and emotional struggles that went along with being an energy sensitive.

Bonnie will take your audience beyond forgiveness and towards a healthy dose of self-compassion, shares practical wellness habits to promote mental and emotional health and balance, and offers a greater spiritual understanding that will truly empower them.

Ignite Women's Retreat | Evario Events | Bonnie Wirth

"I am here to serve each audience with deep insights and lasting inspiration"  


Ignite Women's Retreat | Evario Events | Bonnie Wirth

Living From the Inside Out

Sharing her wisdom with a twist of soul, Bonnie is uniquely equipped to help your group to take cooperative and motivated action in making their dreams come true.

In the wake life's challenges, disappointments, failures, or loss we are given doorways to tremendous opportunities and life-changing gifts. Having studied the ancient laws of creates, spiritual psychology, and holistic wellness for more than two decades, Bonnie shares the not so secret secrets to harnessing authentic potential.

Bonnie's fresh perspective, alternative approach, and interactive style leaves audiences motivated with tools they can implement towards manifesting more meaning and joy in work and life.

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