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Inspiring audiences to live by choice, not by chance

As a Keynote Speaker Bonnie Wirth has been captivating a variety of audiences with her genuine love and enthusiasm for life! Delivering motivational, inspirational and content rich messages, Bonnie shares deep insights and wisdom on how she has found peace, joy and love in her healing from a multitude of unimaginable experiences.

With a compassionate heart and a sense of humour Bonnie inspires others to thrive on the other side of life’s challenges while finding their purpose and passion for a new way of being. Whether it is a professional conference, seminar or retreat, all of her dynamic keynotes are customized to meet –and exceed– your expectations. Bonnie will leave your audience with practical and effective, day-to-day spiritual tools that will help them on their journey to living their pure, authentic, lives.

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1. Becoming Whole

Perfect for an extended (60 min +) keynote.  May be combined with interactive break-out session and/or workshop.

Traumas highjack our sense of well-being and true purpose. Life altering events create a disconnect with everyone and everything and  hold us back from truly enjoying our life.

Through a deep, compelling story of enduring strength Bonnie delivers a message of hope and inspiration sharing her personal journey and healing from complex trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and the mental and emotional struggles of depression.

Delivered as a keynote address, Bonnie shines as a passionate teacher  reflecting upon the four core-wounds of ego: abandonment, loss, abuse, co-dependency. Taking audiences beyond forgiveness to a greater spiritual understanding she empowers them with practical wellness habits to promote mental and emotional wellness and mind-body principles that bring healing and increase well-being.

View More: https://kailabrianne.pass.us/bonniewirth

2. Choosing More

Perfect for an extended (60 min +) keynote and/or workshop, but may be tailored to fit a 45-50 min slot.

Our lives are the sum of the total choices we have made”  – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Despite Bonnie’s personal life traumas and subsequent challenges she believes in not being a victim of the world but rather the master of her own destiny.

Through this interactive and enlightening presentation, Bonnie highlights key daily choices that help shape a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.  Give your audience the opportunity to learn how to make choices that work in partnership with the laws of the universe and result in a more meaningful and positively sustainable life.


3. A Life to Love

Perfect for an extended (60 min +) keynote and/or workshop, may be tailored to fit a 45-50 min slot.

Sharing her wisdom of Universal Law with a twist of soul, Bonnie is uniquely equipped to help your group to take cooperative and motivated action to make all their dreams come true.

Having studied the Law of Attraction combined with the principles of positive psychology and wellness for more than two decades, Bonnie shares the not so secret secrets that will shine a light on creating and achieving positive results in all areas of life.

Delivered as a keynote address and/or a one-day workshop, Bonnie’s fresh perspectives and heart-centered approach will support all those in attendance to find more meaning and joy in work and life.

4. Rising Above Grief

Perfect for an extended (60 min +) keynote and/or workshop, but may be tailored to fit a 45-50 min slot.

There is no timeline to the grieving process nor is there any right or wrong way to grieve; it is a long journey of acceptance and healing that is unique to the relationship that was lost.

The death of someone we love is undoubtedly one of the hardest things we may ever have to go. It literally shifts the foundations of our life. It affects our body, mind and spirit as an avalanche of emotions sweet over us. We never get over the loss of our loved ones, however there are ways to rise above the loss (with a little help from the Other Side), to let go of the sorrow healthfully and hold on to the love that they left behind.

Through this presentation, Bonnie compassionately directs your audience to move towards healthy grieving with relevant techniques, helping them  to move forward beyond the pain of loss and take steps towards healing recovery. Integrating spiritual concepts of the afterlife, recognizing the many signs of their loved ones in spirit and the most common messages from the “Other Side”,  Bonnie guides your audience towards a healthier state of mind so they can move forward with their lives.

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