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As a Keynote Speaker Bonnie Wirth has been captivating a variety of audiences with her genuine love and enthusiasm for life! Delivering motivational, inspirational and content rich messages, Bonnie shares deep insights and wisdom on how she has found peace, joy and love in her healing from a multitude of unimaginable experiences.

With a compassionate heart and a sense of humour Bonnie inspires others to thrive on the other side of life’s challenges while finding their purpose and passion for a new way of being. Whether it is a professional conference, seminar or retreat, all of her dynamic keynotes are customized to meet –and exceed– your expectations. Bonnie will leave your audience with practical and effective, day-to-day spiritual tools that will help them on their journey to living their pure, authentic, lives.

Inspiring Audiences to Breathe Love Into Everything they Do

1. My Life is My Story

Perfect for an extended (60 min +) keynote. May be tailored to fit a 45-50 min slot.

Bonnie’s inspirational story matched by her unique perspective will leave your audience with a greater understanding of the purpose of life and fill them with new found hope, appreciation and endless possibilities.

Delivered as a keynote address, Bonnie opens hearts and minds to new awareness, the power of forgiveness and conscious choice by empowering audiences to have the courage to be who they are and triumph in overcoming their past to create something new and beautiful for their lives!

Bonnie shares her wisdom on how to create a life that is vibrant and satisfying on all levels, in order to bring more passion, energy and enthusiasm to both your personal and professional lives. The audience will gain insights into what’s possible when you transform your beliefs, eliminate your fears and master the fundamental skills necessary to create the ultimate relationship with yourself.

Take Aways

• Live more authentically
• Increase happiness and energy
• Enhance resilience to stress and protect against emotional burnout
• Improve relationships at work and at home
• Inspire a more balanced, spiritual and fulfilling life

My passion is helping women discover their authentic selves
while embracing and expressing their unique gifts
with confidence and a joyful heart.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

2. Business

Perfect for an extended (60 min +) keynote and/or workshop, but may be tailored to fit a 45-50 min slot.

This is the age of doing work that matters and Bonnie knows that being heart-centered in what you do means that you’re adding light to the world. Despite Bonnie’s personal life challenges she has learned to follow her inner voice and achieve great things by focusing on breathing love into everything she does.

Through this interactive presentation, Bonnie inspires the audience on how to build a heart-centered business while becoming incredibly successful doing so.

• Tools and fresh perspectives to find more meaning and joy in work and life
• Tap into personal strengths and passions to create more fulfilling lives from the inside
• Find a balance between work and play that makes life and work more enjoyable, efficient and productive

3. Happiness

Perfect for an extended (60 min +) keynote and/or workshop, may be tailored to fit a 45-50 min slot.

The gifts of life come in pairs. Understanding the duality of everyday life. Delivered as a keynote address or as a one-day workshop Bonnie will share empowering insights on how to mindfully create a life with the spiritual skills to act with wisdom and compassion, while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the circumstances.

Bonnie shares her six personal strategies for happiness, accomplished through acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude. She supports the audience to:

• Become the observer; the process of self-inquiry and spiritual seeking
• Understand the power behind ‘loving what is’
• Recognize the characteristics of what draws you away from happiness

Inspiring . Motivating . Empowering

4. Live the Life You Love

5. Rising Above the Grief

Perfect for an extended (60 min +) keynote and/or workshop, but may be tailored to fit a 45-50 min slot.

Death is undoubtedly one of the hardest things we may ever go though as it literally shifts the foundations of our life. It affects our body, mind, and spirit as an avalanche of emotions sweep over us. There is no timeline to the grieving process nor is there any right or wrong way to grieve; it is a long journey of acceptance and healing. There are however ways to rise above the loss (with help from the Other Side) to let go of the sorrow healthfully and hold on to the love they have left behind.

Bonnie will help your audience to discover a new-found sense of peace as she compassionately directs them to:

• move towards healthy grieving with spiritual practices to support them in balancing their day-to-day life
• acknowledge and express the full range of feelings we experience as a result of loss;
• understand the afterlife and create a new kind of relationship with loved ones in Spirit
• how to recognize the many signs from Spirit and the most common messages from the “Other Side”

 Press Kit

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