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To Trust or Not to Trust, That is the Question; 3 Steps to Trusting the Unknown

This past weekend Nolan and I helped our daughter and son-in-law move into their new house. It was such a thrill to be a part of this monumental time in their lives – hopes, dreams and wishes coming into form.
It has been ‘a year’ for them, with planning (4) weddings due to covid curveballs, moving provinces, starting new jobs, and living in limbo the past several months, it was so nice to see things finally settling into place for them. Like many people, they had to make tough decisions during times of uncertainty, learn to go with the flow and bravely find their footing in the unknown.

No matter how many times you tell yourself, “I just have to trust the universe”, It can be hard to trust in the unknown. Trust is a practice all its own, especially when life feels chaotic and overwhelming.

Life's biggest moment's are orchestrated in such a way that they expand our life and contract our lives simultaneously..... two sides of the same coin that allow us the chance to fully engage in every aspect of the experience.

Pleasure and pain,
     Belief and doubt,
             Trust and fear.
"Try to make friends with those feelings. Know that you are the earth, and all of the emotions and uncomfortable feelings are simply passing weather. Take some shelter, but don't run away. Be in it and see what happens." - Pamela Madsen
Trusting also requires patience. In Buddhism, it is said that suffering comes from our attachments to how things are, were or might be. And since our ego likes to know the plan for our life ahead of time, trust can sometimes be beyond it's grasp. Patience is required where divine timing is concerned and by limiting the power we give to the little voice inside our head, we can turn the fear, worry and anxiety into a more trusting relationship with the unknown.
When our thought are untamed they leave us feeling unnecessarily anxious and uncertain. Trusting in the unknown comes with recognizing that there is a greater intelligence orchestrating magic all around us. Staying present, mindful and reaffirming our belief and faith helps to alleviate the emotional tension and unravel the fear - we alleviate our suffering. It can be difficult to fall forward into the unknown and trust in something when we have nothing to grasp or hold on to.......

3-things that help you trust in the unknown

1. Trusting yourself - believe that you are always doing your very best with what you know and the resources you have. Doing the best you can is always a GoOD thing. No matter if you have screwed up in the past or failed at something, learning to trust yourself will open up endless possibilities in your life. We have been conditioned to doubt ourselves, so reframing doubt into self-trust is the first necessary step in trusting in the unknown.

I trust myself,

I trust myself to make good decisions,

I trust myself to know what is best for me in this moment.


2. Trusting how it feels - it is a simply philopshy but when something feels good to you, it is generally good for you. Any decision, idea or thought that generates an uplifting, expansive vibe is a clear sign that it is the right and best decision, even when it defies logic and regardless of the opinions of other people.

3. Trusting your guidance - Guidance is always available to you because your angels and guides are always available for you. You have a whole bunch of helpers in the spirit world too. The more often you choose to call upon their help, ask for direction and guidance, listen to what is offered and act on it, the more you will grow to trust it. The more you trust it, the more often you'll ask and the greater your trust will be in the unknown.

We may not always know the outcome but trusting ourselves, combined with how we feel and our guidance, the unknown is less dauntiing and easier to embrace. Besides, the universe knows the ideal time to bring something into our life - in part when we are truly ready to receive it, the other in accordance to what is destined for us. Just as it did for my kids, even though they may not have recognized it all those months ago.
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