From Clutter to Joy

The magical question that I have found made 'light work' of decluttering our home was....

Does this item bring me joy?

Tackling closets full of clothes, the infamous junk drawer, overflowing books shelves, nick-nacks and all the other stuff you've collected over the years does not need to be a daunting chore. Yes! Even decluttering can be fun.


As Abraham-Hicks says, “It’s not just that your purpose is joy, it is that you are joy. You are love and joy and freedom and clarity expressing.”

During the last few weeks of decluttering, I've realized that before I can donate or toss anything out, that an important part of the process, is how something makes me feel. I've discovered that this is essential in determining if the item has a place in my life or even if it will have a place in our new home.

You see, what I’ve come to understand more deeply is that alignment is at the core of my wellbeing which is really everyone's natural state -  joy is your birthright. And when I am living in alignment with my true self, and as silly as it may sound, when the things I have in my home bring me joy, I am living in my joy.

This has been a real simple way of  identifying what’s essential to me, and honestly, it has made it so much easier to let go of the rest. Letting go of things that do not bring me joy is helping me to make space for what does - including new friendships and this growing community.

Letting go of what does not bring me joy has peeled back the layers of what does. For me, this has really started to boil down to a few key things, not just what brings me joy but what it is that I value most:

1. My Loved Ones: my husband, kids and grandbabies. My mom and my sisters, and other super important friends who I love deeply. And any chance I can take to spend some quality time with them, loving them brings me joy.

2. My Work: helping others is such fulfilling work and meaningful work. Being someone's soul friend through uncertainty of life and help them to uncover their purpose, to compassionately hold space for them through the dark night of their soul,  to support them to shift patterns and limitations, and claim their light brings me joy. I care about this work so deeply.

3. My Practices: from meditation, to my prayerfulness practice, everything I do to supercharge my woo, eating healthfully, yoga, dance, writing, to growing and evolving with all of you. This brings me joy.


When it comes down to it, its really all that matters to me.

I like to travel  when it is in service to one of the above priorities. 

I like to read, but it has to be a book that serves something above.

I feel it’s important to understand the issues that affect us all, like politics and the environment and racism, sexism and the like. But for me, I have evolved my priorities into those items above. In short, my deepest priority is love.


When you start to figure out what brings you joy, something awesome happens: you start to live in alignment with those priorities. You start to live your values. You start to live consciously.

I can also tell you that when you start to uncover what brings you joy (like I did above), it becomes easier and easier to let go of everything that is not aligned with those priorities. Once clutter turns to light, it becomes easier to let go and that is joyful living sweet friend!

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