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Fear to Freedom
14 day e-course for Enhanced Spirit Communication

This 14-day e-Course is designed to help you release fears of the spirit world, fear of the dark, and the fears associated with criticism, rejection, and ridicule and what other people think of you

Release The Fear – fully embrace who you are!

Fear is an inevitable part of life and especially for those of us who are sensitive to spirit.

Fear creates resistance which can make it quite challenging for mediums to thrive in their day-to-day life or professional practice.

There is a certain level of comfort with exploring the spirit realm.  We are meant to keep a connection to our own spirit. We are meant to receive guidance from our spirit guides. We are meant to connect with our loved ones on the side. Connecting with spirit makes life easier and saves us hassle and energy when we need a little help along our path.

This course includes 14-daily written lessons and exercises.; delivered right to your inbox as soon as you sign-up!

Bonnie will send you an email every day for 14-days sharing the day’s lesson along with a daily exercise to help integrate what you are learning and empower you in your daily life as a medium.

Now is the time for you to release any negative energy surrounding your mediumistic nature with uplifting strength  and freedom to continue your spiritual journey in a healthy direction; with greater confidence and peace with your abilities.

Learn techniques, tools and the inspired action steps; become empowered by releasing and rising above fear

  • identify the fears that are holding you back and navigate them easily
  • release spirit-related fears and the judgement of others
  • release the barriers of past life trauma

  • develop boundaries to establish etiquette in your relationship with the other side
  • learn how to accept yourself as a medium

  • set yourself on a new path of positive, healthy lifestyle and mediumistic practices

  • and much more!

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The cost of this program is $44.00 CA. (plus gst)

That’s only $3.00 /day…. about the same price of your favorite cup of coffee.


This is a 14-day down-to-earth program with a strong focus on how this can actually help you in your life.  I share some of the various ways I have been able to release my fears with the spirit world and the constant worry about what others think of me.  I want to demystify the spirit realm and show you how to release your fears in a practical way. It doesn’t have any non-sensical theories in it.

Over the last decade of fine-tuning my mediumship abilities and mentoring so many other mediums, experience has shown me that when we release our fears we become a clearer channel for spirit and so much happier too – a little less hit and miss, and much more in balance – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Sign up today!  Its time to shine sweet friend.

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