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Whether you’re looking to create a more meaningful life, craving transformation, beautiful nurturing relationships, or enriching conversation and some woo woo, then

      EVOLVE is for Y-O-U!









Evolve Kajabi

This is one of the most valuable investments you could ever make is in yourself.

Inside this sacred and empowering space, you will be nurtured and supported as you explore, heal, grow, and create the life you dream of (even if you don’t know exactly what that looks like yet). 

You will be inspired to reach your highest, most thrilling potential in life and in work... EVOLVE and thrive!

Supporting your own needs is hard, life is demanding.  If you have struggled to feel motivated and focused on your own wellbeing, then you are in the right place.

Through our live sessions you will get the exact resources, tools and practices that I used to move beyond my own dark night of the soul, grow into experiencing greater wellness in all areas of my life and remain stead-fast on my path.

Just a sample

Our Monthly Conversations


» Live Access to Me

Member-only access to monthly masterclass, check-in and weekly interaction. Guidance to support you on your journey to growth and healing. I provide clarity on how to navigate life with greater ease.

It's like having a 1:1 session with me, with the opportunity to witness and learn from each other.

» Open-Hearted Community

Be a part of a safe, supportive, and empowering community to share in the highs + lows, and ups + downs that life brings us.

We are a community filled with cheerleaders, motivators, healers, positive vibes and lots of love - a place where you are seen, heard and appreciated for who you are.

» Space for You to Succeed

Get access to powerful personal growth resources, meditations, tools, tips and practices.

Interactive Q&A sessions, pop-up talks with special guests, fun growth challenges and more!

» Be Embraced

A warm, welcoming, like-hearted group of soulful women.

Ditch the loneliness and join a collection of members who will cheer you up, encourage you, support your growth, and help you to thrive on your journey.

Evolve together!

Clarity Call

" It is rare to find such a caring and devoted spiritual leader who shares her wisdom and woo woo as we heal, transform and evolve into the roles we are here to fulfill. I believe Bonnie is facilitating the greatest gathering of soul sisters at a time that is right for each and every one of us, we just have to answer the call." 
Annette, AB Canada

"The EVOLVE Membership is my Safe Haven--filled with laughter and tears--Magic, Light and Wisdom.  Bonnie's guidance and teachings are empowering and healing. This life-giving connection will always be the cherished gift that I give to myself. I found my tribe! Thank you Bonnie!"
Linda, FL USA

Membership Includes...


Monthly fun, inspiring LIVE Masterclass session with Bonnie.

Sharing in the month's theme, Bonnie offers you practical tips, spiritual guidance, and the chance to address your specific needs. Added fun with the occasional special guest too!


Downloadable PDF Guidebooks and Meditations

From tapping scripts, how-to booklets, journal prompts, self-reflective exercises and more, all to further your journey of self-discovery.


Weekly affirmations for help you focus on what you desire most.

Beautiful and meaningful affirmations that will keep you feeling positive every day of the week and supporting the theme of the month.


Exclusive Membership Discounts

         Receive discounts and special promotional offers on Bonnie's other programs, sessions, courses, and retreats.

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