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AND a creator of a really phenomenal life! 

But it wasn't always that way. I was caught up in my story, full of fear and doubt, second-guessing myself, making decisions based on stress and frenetic energy, and living a wounded, tapped-out life. Little did I know, that it was these very stories that were keeping me stuck in the past, living in limbo, repeating experiences and causing me to be believe I was unworthy of anything more - even though deep down, I felt like I was destined for more.

The stories we tell ourselves can sound remarkable -  they can also be the very thing that is holding us back from living the life we truly crave.

Our stories only solidify our beliefs - whether they are healthy beliefs or not, in ourselves and what is possible for our life. They fuel every decision we make and more often than not, lead us to be trapped by our fears and self-imposed limitation. They have us talking ourselves out of the very thing we want to do most. They can stop us from even starting; whether that is a new job, a move, a new relationship or whatever because what if something bad happens, we fail, lose all our money and get hurt again in the process…. again.

We are shaped by our unique experiences and intersecting identities which affects the quality of our life experiences and what manifests including the divergent challenges and the barriers we face.  The Universe is always listening to the stories we tell.

No matter what story you’re living – I will help you shift your relationship with life by enacting upon choices that not only empower you, but so that you can experience both the life you want and deserve.



Tailored to your needs

Experience a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and deep transformational healing resulting in a greater sense of personal fulfillment in all areas of your life - it is an investment that will pay off in every way.

My practice is individualized, customized, focused, and committed to ensuring your success no matter the story. Your personalized program focuses on moving forward from where you are to where you want to be. It empowers you to create the life that you want, deserve and are beyond capable of.

My Elite Transformational coaching program will help you to DEEPLY CONNECT  TO YOUR INNATE POWER, WISDOM, AND LIGHT. Empowerment (or disempowerment) is always in your hands.

Downtown Edmonton Sunset Rooftop Couples Session

Whatever your story, you have the power within you to create a new one

My coaching program is 100% customized to meet your individuals needs - spirit, mind and body. We take a deep dive with lessons, reflections, guidance and tools that are guaranteed to support you in uncovering the pathways to emotional freedom and in creating lasting, positive change.

My signature coaching process supports you to rediscover a sense of self – with a lot of personal growth, collaboration and compassion along the way. Together we overcome the story of your past and any obstacles holding you back (limiting beliefs, fears, distractions) so you can get unstuck and move forward more joyfully in your life.


The benefits are both powerful and life changing

You will experience a sense of direction and purpose, greater self confidence, ignited motivation and inspiration with tools to help you overcome any challenges along the way by aligning with your Higher Self.

✓ Practices that restore your energy, increase faith and help you to thrive

✓ Shift self-limiting beliefs, release the 'shoulds' and idealisms for good

✓ Heal trauma, heighten intuition, and reclaim your power over the past

✓ Receive support, direction and guidance from your spirit guides

✓ Feel nurtured in a safe, compassionate space to heal your soul

Step into your power with confidence, authenticity, and presence.... own your light through one of my signature programs

Apply to Coach with Bonnie

Option #1, VIP Elite Select

12 Month, Weekly Sessions

A (2) -hour intensive to start things off. We dive into your story, get clarity on your goals, and the life you want to create.

4, (1)-hour coaching sessions rich in insight, direction, and healing via Zoom every month (session recordings available)  

SOS calls included as well as support in-between sessions via text, phone and/or email

Personal accountability tasks

Complimentary membership to Evolve

Option #2, Elite Select

12 month, Bi-weekly Sessions

2, (1)-hour coaching sessions rich in insight, direction, and healing via Zoom every month (session recordings available)  

SOS calls at a nominal fee as well as support in-between sessions via text and email

Personal accountability tasks

Complimentary membership to Evolve



Option #3, Elite

6 Month, Monthly Sessions

A (1)-hour coaching sessions rich in insight, direction, and healing via Zoom every month (session recordings available) This option can be extended to 12-months 

Support in-between sessions via email

Personal accountability tasks




Solitude and Me by Bonnie Wirth

“My experience working with Bonnie was life-changing.  At the age of 50, I feel like I have a new lease on life and I have Bonnie to thank for that.  She helped me to see that I am so worthy of love and happiness and that I’ve spent far too much of my life living in fear and shame.  I immediately felt a connection with her and looked forward to our monthly chats.  Bonnie is compassionate, understanding, smart and funny.  I will always be grateful to her and feel blessed that she came into my life when she did.”

Andrea- NS, Canada

Worry Fear Peace By Bonnie Wirth

“This girl was living life in a topsy turvy world and is now able to healthfully work through my mental limitations, was able get to the bottom of her broken belief systems, even through the tears and the pain of it all. Bonnie compassionately helped me every step of the way. She taught me to flip the situation and focus on the story that I want to play out. My husband and I are communicating well now and can quickly we can get back to each other after disagreements. I am now open for every new and positive possibility that will bring me to the best life path.  AND the reason is Bonnie Wirth! Bonnie, although you can’t necessarily see your work in action all the time – you make lasting positive impacts. I am so thankful.

Victoria – SK, Canada

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