Self-Empowerment Consulting

and Personal Retreats

with Inspirational Speaker Bonnie Wirth

I am happy to offer one-on-one, in person and virtual Self-Empowerment Consultations and Personal Retreats for clients throughout Canada and Internationally.

From your personal, to your professional life I will help you embrace your gifts and express yourself in a way that is pure, and authentically you. You will learn how to “Breathe Love into everything you do”, rejoice in your blessings, and appreciate every single delicious moment. Developing a nurturing, loving and compassionate relationship with yourself is the foundation to become self-empowered.

Your greatest self, the authentic and real you, is craving to be free of the limiting stories you tell yourself. I will help you discover your pure authentic voice, connect to resources so great and wisdom beyond your perceived belief systems. The magic happens when your actions and words are congruent with your beliefs and values.   

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Entrepreneurial Consulting

Spiritual Entrepreneurial Consulting

 If you are a Soulful Spiritual Entrepreneur craving to express your unique gifts and talents with others, but lack the confidence and courage to step fully into your passion, this program is for you.

I mentor healers, mediums, holistic coaches and heart-centered business women to follow their dreams and access their greatest potential while thriving in both their personal and professional lives.

“I completed the mentorship program with Bonnie in fall 2016 after doing a 1 on 1 personal session with her. I knew after my session that Bonnie was someone I was meant to work with and learn from. I had no agenda going into the Mentorship Program and trusted that it would be exactly what it was meant to be…and it was so much more than I could even have imagined! Week after week was an adventure in personal healing, development, and empowerment. I would leave each session feeling amazing and couldn’t wait for the next one to come! The work I did with Bonnie elevated the work I was currently doing with my own clients in my healing practice and I was able to apply what I was learning at every step along the way. It’s hard to even describe what we did, exactly, because each session was so unique and yet so perfectly tailored to exactly what I needed at that moment. I loved my time with Bonnie and I look forward to working with her again in the future!”

Michelle - AB, Canada

It is your time to shine.

Embark on a Soulful Journey


Soulful Consulting is a one-on-one, in person or virtual spiritual based life coaching program designed to help you embrace your pure, divine nature in a way that is empowering and liberating.

I share powerful integrative holistic and intuitive healing processes to help you create new and brilliant life experiences. You will no longer be a hostage of your past and your limiting belief systems. You will learn how to mindfully create the life of your dreams. 

Choose between a 4-session program to connect you to your peace and power within or embark on an in-depth full year sacred journey to to deepen your relationship with yourself and harmonize all aspects of life.


Soulful Personal Retreat with yours truly. One-On-One, you and me shining the light on your pure, authentic self.

Join me for two accelerated and transformational days! This revered personalized retreat is designed for those ready to follow the beat of their own heart. A two-day personalized soulful experience that restores emotional balance, connects and empowers your Spiritual core to support you to Breathe Love into everything you do; personal growth, healing, and renewal – for mind, body, and spirit.

A sacred journey of inner work and self-discovery that reacquaints you with your authentic self, compassionately envelopes you to wholeness and honours your uniqueness.  You will leave with a new-found feeling of ease, appreciation, greater acceptance and the ability to shine Authentically YOU!

“Bonnie, this is what you do. This girl. in a previous topsy turvy world is now able to healthfully work through her mental limitations, get to the bottom of her broken belief systems, even through the tears and the pain of it. You have taught me to flip the situation and focus on the story that I want to play out. My husband and I are communicating well and how quickly we can get back on the same page after disagreements. I am now open for every new and positive possibility that will bring me to the best life path.  AND the reason is YOU! Although you can’t necessarily see your work in action all the time – you make lasting positive impacts. I am so thankful.

Victoria - SK, Canada

Soul to Soul Talk

Soul to Soul Talk

Let’s get down to the heart of the matter. These one-on-one Soul to Soul Inspired sessions are a sacred journey into you. From personal readings to some deep inner work I will support you to gently move through “herstory” to bring you back in touch with your Authentic Self.

Choose from 1-hour reading to enhance your day to day life and renew your sense of purpose during my Soul’spiration event or a 4-hour break through to you session to strengthen the connection between you and your inner wisdom. 

What are you waiting for?

Soulful Healing

Soulful Healing

 through the Spiritual Art of Mediumship

As a medium, I help people from around the world move through the grief experienced in the wake of losing a loved one. As a compassionate conduit, I interpret messages from loved ones on the other side. I offer the opportunity for profound healing through an extensive one-on-one consulting program designed to help you transcend and transform grief into a renewed way of being.

Love transcends time and space. They are not gone. They have not forgotten. They are with you now. Breathe in love. You will feel them near. I will share their messages with you in a compassionate voice.

It will all be okay.

“Bonnie Wirth is an AMAZING teacher, medium and psychic! As far as her gifts to connect with deceased loved ones and spirits, she has to be one of the best on the planet today. I love Bonnie and you will too. You won’t be able to help it!”

Nancy - WA, USA

I am just a phone call away!