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You are the author of your own life story¬†‚Äst there is no better day than today to get started on a new chapter!

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 The stories we tell ourselves can sound remarkable and they can also be the very thing that is holding us back from living the life we truly crave, want and desire.

Our stories can keep us stuck in the past. We will never find true love because of the crappy relationships we have had; love hurts too much or that we are not pretty, sexy or thin enough to be loved.

We may believe hat it is not possible to become wildly successful in our career because we are not smart or educated enough or that success is what happens for other people.

We can get stuck in a repeating loop playing back the most negative, damning experiences of our life out of shame and regret. We constantly remind ourselves of everything bad and wrong that has happened to ensure we never make the same mistake twice.

Our stories, and what they have made us believe about ourselves and what is possible for our life, fuel every decision we make whether we realize it or not. We tend to follow our fears and the expectations of others. We end up talking ourselves out of the very thing we want to do most. We stop ourselves from starting whether that is a new job, a move, a new relationship or whatever because what if something bad happens, we fail, loose all our money and get hurt in the process…. again.

No matter what story you‚Äôre living out ‚Äď I will help you shift your relationship with life so that you can be more empowered, present, and purposeful.

Together we will revive the person inside of you.
The one who is destined for more.
The you that’s confident, brave, courageous, and ready to shine in the most authentic way.
The you that can finally ‚Äėget it on‚Äô with life.

My coaching programs are designed to help you embrace life  in a way that is empowering and liberating. They are unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. We dive deep with lessons, reflections, guidance and tools that are guaranteed to support you in uncovering your pathways to emotional freedom and in creating lasting, positive change.

I share powerful integrative holistic and transformational healing processes to help you create new and brilliant life experiences. You will no longer be a hostage of your past and your limiting belief systems. You will learn how to mindfully create a heart-centered life of your dreams. 

Choose between a 3-session or  6-session program to rediscover a sense of self and to connect you to your peace and power within. Or embark on an in-depth full year intensive to to deepen your relationship with yourself, utilize and understand universal laws to harmonize and create abundance in all aspects of life.

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Amazing things can happen!
Deep down, you know you were destined for more.

You’ll be unstoppable! There will be nothing holding you back. You positbilities endless, your potenial ignited.
True Freedom! Shift through old patterns and stories that have kept you playing small. A more present and happier you.

‚ÄúBonnie, this is what you do. This girl. in a previous topsy turvy world is¬†now able to healthfully work through her mental limitations, get to the bottom of her broken belief systems, even through the tears and the pain of it. You have taught me to¬†flip the situation and focus on the story that I¬†want to play out. My husband and I are¬†communicating well and how quickly we¬†can get back on the same page after disagreements. I am now open for every new and positive possibility that will bring me¬†to the best life path. ¬†AND the reason is YOU! Although you can‚Äôt necessarily see your work in action all the time ‚Äď you make lasting positive impacts. I am so thankful.‚ÄĚ

Victoria ‚Äď SK, Canada

One to One Coaching is designed for those who want to experience the personalized and intimate coaching 1:1.

One to One Coaching is available through flexible virtual appointments, where you do not even need to leave your home.

  • Monthly Sessions (60 minutes)
  • Private Online platform for communication with session recordings
  • Accountability

One to One Coaching is for:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Couples
  • Young Adults

Bonnie Wirth, B. Msc. is an Ordained Minister and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach.

Your program fees may be covered by personal benefits eligible for reimbursement. Please let us know if you qualify!

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‚ÄúMy experience working with Bonnie was life-changing. ¬†At the age of 50, I feel like I have a new lease on life and I have Bonnie to thank for that. ¬†She helped me to see that I am so worthy of love and happiness and that I‚Äôve spent far too much of my life living in fear and shame. ¬†I immediately felt a connection with her and looked forward to our monthly chats. ¬†Bonnie is compassionate, understanding, smart and funny. ¬†I will always be grateful to her and feel blessed that she came into my life when she did.‚ÄĚ

Andrea- NS, Canada

What if you finally became all you were meant to be?   

Are you ready to rewrite your story?
Follow your dreams?
Release the pain of your past?

I would be honored to share in this journey with you. Lets Talk!

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