with Bonnie Wirth


An Evening with Spirit

Join me for a special evening devoted to a group reading, sharing messages from Spirit for some audience members, as well as relay fascinating insight into a medium’s world.  I will debunk some myths, ease fears and provide you with a personal experience in connection to your loved ones on “the other side”.

Being a medium is sacred to me. Unlike other stadium events with hundreds of participants, I choose to focus on small, intimate group settings as a means to provide a service of healing messages offering hope, love and closure to clients; not for entertainment purposes or to prove life after death. I honour grief and its journey, and what it takes to rise above it. This event is a rare opportunity outside of my retreats, workshops and client settings to publicly demonstrate my connections with “the other side.” 

“As far as her gifts to connect with deceased loved ones and spirits, she has to be one of the best on the planet today!”

Nancy - WA, USA

“I had such a wonderful experience! Bonnie connected with my grandmother and was spot on in describing her!”

Monica - WA, USA

“Bonnie blew my mind in her accuracy in describing my dad! His message was exactly what I needed to hear. I feel so much better knowing that he supports my decisions.” 

Crystal - SK, Canada

an evening with Spirit

I have been blessed with an amazing gift to heal hearts and open minds, doing so with the utmost certainty that all my connections are of the Light; of God, for God and through God, which all this is possible. Connecting with “the other side” has been a part of my life since my earliest childhood memories.  I actually cannot think of a time when I did not experience Spirit connections.  I believe that being a medium was ordained as a Divine Calling the day I was born.

Through this presentation, I will explain how your loved ones are trying to get your attention, provide you comfort, knowledge and validation that they are still very much with you, as well as demonstrate how easy it is for you to connect with them too! Purchasing a ticket and attendance does not guarantee a reading with me, it does however provide you with the perfect opportunity to experience the essence of your loved ones through our time together.

During this intimate, love-filled (3)-hour evening of Spirit Connections you will enjoy experiencing:

  • Random messages given to audience members from guides, family, and friends in Spirit
  • Establishing safe connections between Heaven and Earth
  • Growing awareness as to how close and available our loved ones are in Spirit; not gone, just different in form
  • Guided healing group meditation for you to personally experience the essence of your loved ones on the other side
  • Answers to your most burning questions about mediumship and spirit-connections through an open floor Q&A segment


You will leave forever changed – with a fresh new perspective on life and death, a greater understanding of the spirit world and the absolute peaceful, comforting awareness that your loved ones in Heaven are only a breath away. 

                       I look forward to connecting with you and Spirit soon! 


New Dates & Times for 2018 to be Announced!

Please check back 


Your Investment.

$78.00 per person including gst plus $3.33 Eventbrite ticketing fee.

There are only 30-70 tickets available for these events dependent upon location and venue size to honour you as well as my intention for a small, intimate gathering.

Tickets for this event must be bought in advance and will not be available at the door; please see Terms and Conditions.


Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.



What is included with your ticket?

Your admission to the event is guaranteed with your ticket. (Please have your ticket with you upon arrival.)

Doors Open at 6:30pm

General Seating – First Come First Seated

Although not everyone is guaranteed a reading it is guaranteed to be a very uplifting and beneficial experience you won’t soon forget!

Unable to attend?

Your ticket is non-refundable after (3) days of purchase.

Tickets are transferable; please see Terms and Conditions.

Interested in an event in your area?

Have Spirit – will travel!

I am always interested in possibilities. If you would like to see an event scheduled in your community, please email and I will do my best to accommodate your request!

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