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We never get over the death of a loved one, the pain is a part of us; together, we learn to rise above it.

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Death is by far the most difficult thing we ever have to deal with in life. 

 Not only have we lost someone we love, we loose the sense of who we are without them. Life can feel like it has no meaning.

Grief is natural. It is a reaction to any form of loss. The process of adapting to a significant loss can vary dramatically from one person to another. Our grief is unique to our beliefs and the relationship that we lost. We grieve the loss of companionship and the interactions we had with our family and friends including our pets. We grieve our future without them in it and we grieve our past, the memories mixed with joy and regret.

There are many factors that contribute to the effects of grief including the way someone passed and the depth of relationship that was shared. There is no right or wrong way to grieve; grief asks us to stop everything else we do in life and honour it in part.

Love and grief are two sides of a very precious coin.


The emotions of grief are not limited they are confusing and difficult to navigate on our own


Love transcends space and time Forever after…
not gone, just different


As a medium, I have helped people from around the world move through the grief experienced in the wake of losing a loved one. Every person has unique needs when coping with a loss. I offer you a safe, confidential, supportive and unconditionally loving environment to explore your feelings and memories without judgement; to nurture your spiritual self as vitally as self-care.

Through my one-to-one Compassionate Choices program I share messages from your loved ones on the other side.  I support you to healthfully honour your grief journey, and help you to create new habits for well-being.  I utilize powerful integrative holistic and transformational healing processes to transcend and transform your grief into a renewed sense of hope for the future and provide guidance to the steps unique to you in moving forward in life.

We focus on the 4-Tasks of Mourning –

  1. To find greater acceptance with the difficult loss you have had
  2. To work through the pain of grief and the complicated emotions that come with it
  3. To adjust to life without your loved one by developing new daily routines that honour you
  4. To maintain a connection with your loved one on the other side while moving forward and creating a new life


No loss is too big or too small to endure grief alone. You deserved to be loved, cared for and nurtured through the process.

Choose between a 6-session program or embark on an in-depth full year intensive.

Your loved ones on the other side want nothing more than for you to be happy again, to see you smile and be at peace. I work closely with them to ensure you have everything you need and are cared for in the highest and best way possible.




Bonnie Wirth, B. Msc. is an Ordained Minister and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. Fees are covered by personal benefits eligible for reimbursement. Please let us know if you qualify!

Maybe there is hope?

Contact me to learn more.


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