Celebration Creates Connection

“When we celebrate our life in any way, we are showing the Universe we’re grateful. When we allow ourselves to be fully present in the moment with no expectations, we allow ourselves to be truly connected to the Universe.”

Celebratory energy has a way of making us feel energized and alive. When we have a special occasion to look forward to, we receive immediate joy through anticipating the fun we’ll have in the future. We experience an elevated feeling of hope and excitement for what is to come.

It makes little sense to wait for an external reason to feel excited and energized about life. However, when we believe we have to wait for a reason to celebrate, we miss out on the many opportunities we have to enjoy life right now.

In giving ourselves the gift of celebrating more often, we become more present - less focused on what could have, should have, and what did and didn't happen in our past and less fearful of what is to come. Less depressed (looking back), less anxiety (looking into the unknown) - and ultimately create our connection with the Universe and for our fulfillment. This connection is such a critical component to feeling good in life. When we are open to witnessing our life with more conscious attention to the good all around us, our moments (and life) are immediately injected with more meaning and joy.


The more we celebrate the present moment and rejoice in big things and small, the more reasons we have to celebrate.

When we celebrate, we are are telling the Universe we are abundant and already fulfilled and enjoying the view of our life right now (gratitude) - what we appreciate appreciates. Meaning, what you place your value on, what you choose to focus on expands or increases. What you focus on DOES matter. It becomes the filter in which you experience life. Tony Robbins once said that, “Where your focus goes, energy flows.” – again stating that what you’re allowing yourself to stop and dwell on is what will manifest to you throughout your day/life.

So this week or whenever you can, I invite you to challenge yourself to celebrate your wins and acknowledge your blessings, even for a second or two.....

  • What is right and beautiful about this moment?
  • What 3-things do I have to be grateful for in this moment?
  • Who are the people in my life that love me for who I am?
  • What am I excited about right now?
  • Why am I so lucky?

Allow yourself to be truly present with yourself and the Universe sweet friends - let the GoOD that is meant for you find its way.

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