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Here on my blog I share some of the spiritual wisdom and perspective I gain on my journey to wholeness. From mediumship development, to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, to "The Oracle" energy view, and more!

I hope my posts will help empower you in deepening your spiritual connection, create the life you desire, discover greater purpose and most importantly, to simply help you feel good.

Putting Words to Your Grief

“Every great loss demands that we choose life again. We need to grieve in order to do this. The pain ...
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1-Word Changes Everything

From Trusting to Entrusting The Universe is all about balance. Each of us has a different sense as to what ...
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Toilet Paper Mayhem

Okay, honestly.... I didn't get it! I had no idea what the heck was going on. It was as if all ...
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Overcoming 3 Meditation Myths

“You should meditate for 20-minutes everyday unless you're too busy; then you should sit for an hour" - Zen Proverb ...
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Anxiety and the Empath

Anxiety Like Everything Is Energy Our planet is being flooded by Light and this reflection is bringing wounds, shadows, fears, ...
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Does Your House Need A Detox?

You probably agree! There is no place like home. Home is where our heart is. It is that one place ...
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3-Simple Things Every Empath Needs to Do

Empaths have special needs Being an empath can be very challenging to navigate sometimes - overwhelming even. It is the ...
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3 Things that Will Help You Manifest Your Desires

The beginning of a new year is traditionally the time that many of us begin to consider our life We ...
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