Wholeness Retreat and Wellness Program 

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'You owe it to yourself and the world to be your best Self possible.'¬† ‚Äst Bonnie Wirth¬†

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ANANDA ~ highest state of being /happiness /bliss /divine love

This program is incredibly close to my heart! I am gathering small tribe of powerful women who are willing to support and empower each other, who are ready for radical possibilities and abounding joy.

It is an all-inclusive, luxery retreat and elite wellness coaching program that offers you a chance to re-connect with your true self, ignite your passions, maximize well-being and create a positive impact in the world. A chance to surrender from a place of grace - to a higher, deeper space of purpose and life itself.

It is time ladies!

to shake free of resistance,

to take what has been tamed inside of you and set it free,

to live your joy, to step into a new and bright cycle in life,

to let the world know your light.


Healthfully engage with life, honouring the ebb and the flow,

Create new self-love habits at a greater spiritual level,

Learn how to embrace all your emotions, judgements and thoughts with compassion and humour.

Uplevel your life, transform physical, mental and emotional states.

Find meaning, peace and joy by kicking anxiety, doubt, worry and fear in the ass.

Let your soul go wild, be who you are.

Enjoy life! Unzip your soul with enlightening conversation, nourishing food, heart-felt encouragement among a divine sisterhood throughout the program and beyond.

Mind-body-spirit coaching, motivational lectures to engaging spiritual practices that inspire, awaken, ignite, and heal - from yoga, meditation, to nia, soundbaths, reflective journaling, prayerfulness and more! 

Live your light. Exude confidence. Express your vulnerability. Step beyond your present limitations to embrace the gift of freedom to shine bright, beautiful and authentic.

Focus on heart-centered purpose, ignite your passions and take inspired action steps in achieving your dreams.

‚ÄėTap in‚Äô, maintain harmony, heal, dream and create; access the soul's radical potential.

Manifest life on your terms.

Your power lies in your heart.

Liberate your soul, it's wisdom and compassion. 

Live an empowered life.  

Abundance, joy and fulfillment is meant to be yours!

This opportunity is rich in spirituality and provides a strategically focused approach to elevate the whole of you - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

We will be working through (4)-core concepts to unravel the old story and elevate self-worth, deepen the connection to the inner and outer worlds, ignite a mind-set that expects and generates success in all areas of life, honouring you ‚Äď mind, body, and spirit and fully integrating your feminine power into your work and your world. And I will be joining you every step of the way!

Be prepared to dive deep, learn, laugh, cry - inspirational workshops, group discussions, downloadable meditations, proven strategies to activate your inner power, additional guidance, contemplative exercises, time to devote solely to you and a sacred circle of sisterhood to carry you through.

SAVE $500 off tuition today!

** VIP savings apply to all registrations received on/before March 18, 2021

Only (6)-spots available.

Be sure to check out the Bonus Offers below!

Program Valued over $25,000.00!

Deadline for registration is June 1, 2021

April 2021 - January 2022

(3)-months self-reflective course work,

(3)-day in-person retreat,

(6)-months empowerment circles


#1 ‚ÄĘ GOLD UPGRADE (valued at over $1800)

Register on/before April 1, 2021 with FULL payment to receive….

  • (3) 1-hour personal empowerment sessions to support you during the program
  • GoOD Vibe & Coming hOMe synergy sprays,
  • Wholeness Meditation,
  • Tranquil Soul Mala Bracelet,
  • Empowerment Crystal Collection, Deluxe
Bonus Offer


Register on/before May 1, 2021 with FULL payment to receive….

  • (1) 1-hour personal empowerment session to support you during the program,
  • Tranquil Soul Mala Bracelet,
  • Empowerment Crystal Collection, Standard
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