elevating your life 

A program that honours you. Start living with a renewed sense of power, possibility, freedom, peace, aliveness, contentment and wholeness.

It goes beyond professional and personal growth; it encompasses your overall well-being nurturing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Live a life to love.

To embrace life at the highest level, experience profound abundance, and endless possibilities is to step beyond what you already know, beyond your past, beyond who you think you are, and discover a power within you. Claim the life you have been dreaming of and are truly worthy of living.

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embodied and aligned

Every area of your life is a creation of who you are being and where you are coming from. Ananda offers you the chance to surrender from a place of grace - to a higher, deeper space of purpose and life itself.

 It's the chance to change the story, let go of the fear of not being welcomed, accepted, or loved by others. It's about setting the shame and judgements free, shifting limiting paradigms, so that you can be your true self - to integrate the separate parts of yourself and become whole.

Every year I gather a small group of powerful women who are willing to support and empower each other. Women who are ready to up-level their life, for radical possibilities and abounding joy. Is one of them you?

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Downtown Edmonton Sunset Rooftop Couples Session

more is possible

There is much more to you and for you. It is deeply transformational, enlightening, and liberating - it takes what has been tamed inside of you, and sets it free. It gives you permission to live your joy, step into a new and bright cycle in life and let the world know your light.  Be the embodiment of infinite possibility.

An all-inclusive, luxury retreat and elite wellness coaching program, a mastermind like no other,  that offers you a chance to re-connect with your true self, ignite your passions, maximize well-being and create a positive impact in the world.

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across mind, body, heart, soul

You are worthy of some tender loving care for your soul. Pave the way for a brighter future by unraveling the contradictions and intricately woven identity of who the world expects you to be or who you believe you should be.  Nurture your inner self with spaciousness and new paradigms that allow your higher self to take lead.

This is the chance to go beyond what you ever thought possible through liberating and innovative teachings and processes that will open the door to limitless possibilities.

Break the cycles that keep repeating in your life, what is keeping you in stuckness and not-enoughness and explore the unchartered path towards liberating your truth.


Downtown Edmonton Sunset Rooftop Couples Session

experience true surrender

A facilitated group program rich in deep reflective work, meditation, energetic healing, breathwork,  and hands-on coaching. Ananda holds you so safe in your vulnerability, a sacred space for you to finally experience what it feels to truly surrender.

We journey through the (4)-core wounds of being human, unravel the old story and elevate self-worth, deepen the connection to the inner and outer worlds, ignite a mindset that expects and generates abundance in all areas of life, honouring you – mind, body, heart, and soul.

to truly understand the power of Ananda, you cannot be told what this is, you have to experience it for yourself
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Ananda was the program my soul had been longing for...

"Every Monday felt like Christmas morning as I received my personal card message and the module for the week. The activities and tools Bonnie provided each week were thought provoking, deeply reflective and healing. The Ananda Retreat was a transformative soulful experience and definitely exceeded my expectations. Each day was beautifully planned and all I had to do was relax and immerse myself in the process. The weekend was filled with unconditional love, compassion, inspiration, encouragement, and support. It was medicine for my mind, body and spirit and I went home refreshed, renewed, and inspired. The Ananda program and retreat was a life changing experience and the best thing I have ever done for myself."

Brenda - SK, Canada


Healthfully engage with life, honouring the ebb and the flow,

Create new self-love habits at a greater spiritual level,

Learn how to embrace all your emotions, judgements and thoughts with compassion and humour.


Uplevel your life, transform physical, mental and emotional states.

Find meaning, peace and joy by kicking anxiety, doubt, worry and fear in the ass.

Let your soul go wild, be who you are.



Unzip your soul with enlightening conversation, nourishing food, heart-felt encouragement among a divine sisterhood throughout the program and beyond.


Mind-body-spirit coaching, motivational lectures to engaging spiritual practices that inspire, awaken, ignite, and heal

From yoga, meditation, to nia, sound baths, reflective journaling, prayerfulness and more! 


Live your light.

Exude confidence. 

Express your vulnerability.

Step beyond your present limitations to embrace the gift of freedom to shine bright, beautiful and authentic.



Focus on heart-centered purpose, ignite your passions and take inspired action steps in achieving your dreams.

‘Tap in’, maintain harmony, heal, dream and create; access the soul's radical potential to manifest a life on your terms.


Your power lies in your heart. The power to create things, to transform things, to evolve and to love.

Liberate your soul, it's wisdom and compassion. 

Live an empowered life.  

soul nurturing ANANDA style

Get immediate access to the audio /video self-directed program to begin your Ananda journey. This part of the program offers the chance to explore your inner landscape, activate your journey, and an inspired action plan to begin to nurture your mind, body, heart and soul, Ananda style......


√ Inspirational perspective

√ Oracle messages and channeled guidance

√ Deep contemplative journaling prompts

√ Soul focus practices

√ Guided meditations

√ Belief-altering, life-affirming activations

√ and so much more!


all-inclusive retreat

May 3, 4, 5, 2024

Calgary, AB Canada

The exquisite  luxury of our 11,700 sqft retreat house nestled in one of Calgary's most  upscale and quiet neighbourhoods serves the perfect setting for a memorable and transformative retreat experience. Backing onto a ravine, this beautiful home features 8-large bedrooms with private ensuite bathrooms, a 16-foot deluxe swim spa, exclusive amenities, spacious living areas to comfortably accommodate our retreat program and meet your needs.

The address for the retreat house, the retreat agenda, along with additional information will be shared directly with you, so you have lots of time to plan ahead.


Transportation: Airfare and transportation to/from retreat location not included.

Accommodation: Included in the program tuition.

    Check In - May 2, 2024  after 5:00 p.m. MST

    Check Out - May 6, 2024 by 10:00 a.m. MST


Meals: Offering a catered and finely curated menu with options for gluten free /vegetarian / vegan considerations. Sharing exquisite meals with continental and hot breakfast options, lunch and dinner using locally sourced ingredients, provides you with a delightful culinary experience. 

Water, coffee/tea and healthy, delicious snacks will also be available throughout the day.


online empowerment circles

Our journey together continues long after the retreat. You will be supported through the ebbs and flow of life to keep bolstering your elevated Ananda state, further support on your spiritual journey and inspiring your greatest aspirations.

  • June 5, 2024
  • July 3, 2024
  • August 7, 2024
  • September 4, 2024
  • October 2, 2024
  • November 6, 2024

Live Webinars: 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. MT via Zoom. Every call is recorded, so on the off-chance you have to miss the circle, you still won't miss a thing!

(3) 1-hour personal empowerment coaching session with Bonnie for extra support throughout the program

AND a private online community to stay connected every day in between.

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Ananda is a powerful decision

If you are ready to finally come home to who you truly are and create your life from a field of infinite possibility and potential, then you have come to the right place.

Enroll today! $6,800.00 Canadian Dollars


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