Academy of Spirit

Level 1 Certification Retreat

“Spiritual Art of Mediumship”


Join me for a 5-day retreat in the amazing energy of the majestic Canadian Rockies surrounded in purpose and the love of Spirit. 

This is an extraordinary, in-depth retreat in spirit communication and is open to all levels of mediums – even if you are brand new to mediumship

Together we go beyond intuition and develop the skills to cultivate and sustain safe, love-filled connections with the other side. With interactive sessions and engaging activities that will awaken your senses and enhance your experiences with spirit.

Gain practical knowledge, overcome obstacles, fears and doubts, grow in confidence and have a lot of fun in the process. This signature retreat will take you from wherever you in relationship to the other side, to where you want to be – in service to Self or others should you choose.

Be ready to laugh, expand, cry, learn, grow  and emerge from our time together with a renewed sense of purpose and shining brighter.

Strengthen Your Connection to the Spirit World!

Canmore, AB Canada

August 7 – 11, 2019

This retreat encapsulates Bonnie’s basic intermediate certification program and qualifies you to receive a Certificate in Mediumship!

Registration closes July 11, 2019

No matter how you found Bonnie it is by Divine Intervention—no accident. If you believe that you do not have the time, the finances or the abilities required (or any fill in the blank concern) turn down the volume on this false chatter. Allow Bonnie to fine tune and shift your vibrations so that you can shift with clarity and authenticity—not compare and despair. I promise you that Spirit will meet you inside of this magical course and transform your life.  Once you are safely inside this sacred course you will unwrap many gifts–you will be in awe—and you will question: How could you have lived so long without these gifts—gifts unique to you. So trust and go forward one step at a time. Rest assured that Bonnie and your new tribe are waiting for you!”

Linda - Florida, USA

“I have had the privilege of being mentored by Bonnie through this mediumship course and it has literally changed my life. She helped me realize the gift I have and how to use it on a daily basis to help myself and others heal and live their best life. Bonnie is patient, extremely knowledgeable, gifted, approachable and has the biggest heart. I am truly blessed and forever grateful to have Bonnie in my life and to learn from her.”

Krista - AB Canada

“Bonnie is such a kind heart and gentle soul. This course has taught me to develop my mediumship skills to the point that blew me away; my eyes have been opened to a different world. I highly recommend this course and honestly it is the most gratifying course I have ever taken. I am forever grateful for this amazing program. It was such an honour to be taught by Bonnie Wirth.”

Bonnie - AB Canada

Purpose Beyond the Ordinary

Many people believe that you must be someone special in order to communicate with spirit. Mediums really are not that special, we just do special things. The fact is, just like everyone we are (for the most part) rational average human beings – average human beings who are committed to developing our talent and abilities to communicate with spirit.

A lot of completely “normal” well-rounded people can see, feel and hear through the veil. We are in fact spiritual beings having a human experience – everyone has mediumistic potential. It’s just something no one wants to talk about for fear of everyone thinking they are crazy.

When it comes to dealing with anything woo woo, figuring out what it all means can be overwhelming and challenging and not discussing our experiences with others can lead to isolation, loneliness and living in fear.  Through this certification program, you will learn to understand and use your natural spiritual gifts to connect with the Spirit energy of a deceased loved one or family members.

I would like to personally invite you to spend a phenomenal 5 days with me delving into mediumship and empoweing your authentic relationship with the other side! Won’t you join me?

“Bonnie Wirth is a change maker. She is a miracle worker. She is a transformer. How she does what she does is a marvel to behold. She is a gift to humanity. Working with Bonnie and seeing her work with others is to witness love in action in a way only Bonnie can express. Do not miss your opportunity to work with this rare and gifted healer. I love Bonnie Wirth.”

Angela Montano

International Spiritual Coach and Prayer Counselor, Rethink Prayer (

Debra Silverman, MA“For years I have studied spirituality. Rarely does someone show up who is a teacher well schooled  and informed,   a medium, healer and a friend  who is light, sparkly and funny and runs equally deep, profound and tender.  That would be Bonnie Wirth who I adore!   I have yet to meet anyone who has the powerful gifts that she has with such grace and ease at the drop of a hat. Bonnie is comfortable in the dark and equally able to dance in the light. Bonnie provides a means to heal whatever you are carrying. I would take her class in a second and that is why I am endorsing all of her work.” 

Debra Silverman


Providing you with a safe and sacred space to experience spirit for yourself:

  • Gain confidence by over-coming blocks, fears and challenges
  • Build your receiving muscles and increase ease in communication
  • Receive more profound messages, get validations and clarity
  • Find balance,  emotional well-being and get closure with your loved ones on the other side
  • Release past life and karmic influences
  • Find deeper meaning for all of life
  • Sustain higher vibrational reverence
  • Gain insight of your Soul’s purpose
  • Connect with like-minded people to share and practice with


Restorative Yoga

Healing Circles

DNA Activation


Group Activities – AND more!

Purpose Beyond the Ordinary

There is still time for you to join me!

Your Investment

Retreat tuition is $2200.00  Canadian Funds plus 5% Goods and Services Tax.

** Pay in Full to receive a special bonus gift!

OR 50% tuition at the time of registration to confirm your attendance.

Final balance is  due on/before July 6, 2019.

  •  Coffee and Light snack provided
  • Transportation to/from retreat not included.

Tuition is non-refundable and transferable; please ensure to review the Terms and Conditions.


Program Details

This retreat is infused with helpful tools and practical experiential exercises that will deepen your connection and communication with “the other side”.   This is an opportunity to unfold your gifts and abilities through fun group and partner exercises, all within a heart-centered compassion-filled environment.

Check out the full agenda NOW!   Canmore Agenda 2019


A Retreat Exclusive!

Combining focused prayer and a precise systematic method, Bonnie blesses each participant through the safe, gentle and profound energetic process of a Soul Atonement which allows for:

  • sacred DNA /genetic, cellular and molecular activation and reconciliation
  • elimination of the toxicity from lack of self-forgiveness on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels
  • freeing of inferior energies such as fear, karmic imprints and influences adding another dimension of your work
  • healing from past life traumas with a renewal of your Soul’s purpose
  • release of beliefs systems, infrastructures and consciousness that are interfering with the confidence of your most authentic self
  • discovering a renewed trust in Self, inner strength and inner peace
  • help to see humanity with compassion, dissolving of judgements in order to enhance your gifts and abilities
  • a heightened state of consciousness and vibrational reverence beyond the barriers of ego, dissolving the illusion of “the veil” to the other side
  • transcend perceptions of who you are by aligning you to your most authentic self through the clearing and purification of the soul
  • re-scripting of Soul contracts in the highest and best way for the manifestation of your greatest purpose


I am grateful

“I have never experienced these teachings before even with the other Mediumship workshop I had previously taken, which are pale compared to what I received from you!  It is a miracle I was led to you.  I have kissed the ground, mother earth and the Universe for leading me to Bonnie Wirth. Amazing…” – Lori, Arizona USA
Dates and Times
  • August 7, 8, 9, & 10, 2019        10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. daily
  • August 11, 2019                           10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

* Optional evening events are also being offered. Additional cost may apply

Solara Resort & Spa
Canmore, AB Canada

Sheer luxury is artfully combined with the warm comforts of a rugged mountain retreat at Solara Resort & Spa in Canmore, Alberta.


Bow Room

187 Kananaskis Way


Accommodation is not included in your registration fee. The Solara Resort & Spa has offered participants a reduced room rate of $292.00 ** There are only (4)-rooms remaining at this reduced rate.

Rooms the Solara Resort & Spa are subject to availability 

Contact Marianne at or call 1.877.487.8878 to confirm your room today! 

Please note:

  • 4-rooms available, accommodations are subject to availability
  • Extra person charge over double occupancy $30.00
  • Over-night parking is complimentary
  • Check in 4:00 p.m. / Check out is prior to 11:00 a.m.  

For all Spa and Wellness Facility inquiries please contact One Wellness at 403.679.7179 or or visit our website at

An Incredible 5 day Retreat into the Spiritual Art of Mediumship!

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